A Corporate Dropout's Guide to Passive Income

Since becoming a corporate dropout in 2019, I've been living off my passive income streams.


It was scary to leave behind a steady paycheck and company benefits.


But the key is to build multiple passive income streams.


Having multiple passive income streams allowed me to ride out the 2020 economic downturn.


There are countless ways to create passive income streams, but no one size fits all strategy.

​The best passive income strategy is one aligned with your strengths and interests.

Let's assess your strengths and interests to reach your passive income goals. 


Together, we'll develop the passive income strategy that works best for you! 

Let's work together if you are ready to:


  • Mastermind passive income strategies to replace your salary

  • Financially prepare for your career change

  • Develop a millionaire mindset to build wealth

  • Advance your business and marketing to six-figures