8 Reasons Why I Switched from Wordpress to Wix

WordPress vs Wix, so which is better? Whether you want to blog for fun or run your own online business, there is much to consider when it comes to choosing a web publishing solution.

The top dogs for blogging and website content management system (CMS) include Wordpress and Wix. Based on personal and professional experience, here are 8 reasons why I switched from Wordpress to Wix.

For almost a decade, I’ve been blogging for fun and for my online business. During my first three years, I used Wordpress for my business. Eventually, my readership grew to over one million views per month. Soon I realized that further growth as a business would require the change to Wix.

Believe me, it was hard to take the leap when things seemed to be on an upward trajectory. But I had to think long term. In the Wordpress vs. Wix debate, here’s why I prefer Wix.

1. Maintenance updates

When it comes to ongoing maintenance updates on WordPress, I’ve had my fair share of epic fail moments. To improve security and fix bugs, WordPress updated its platform a few times during the year. Sure some theme and plugin developers did the heavy lifting of updating their products, but not all.

Not being tech savvy, I would cringe each time an update was required on WordPress. I once tried to do it myself and a lot of the customized web design was lost.

That was days and days of work that was unable to be retrieved. Boy did I learn my lesson about backing up the site to preserve changes.

With Wix, all maintenance updates are automatically executed by the Wix technical team. This freed up my time and energy to focus on running my business.

2. Website performance

As we become more advanced online, people expect lighting fast load times. Thus, a website’s performance is critical especially when I had over one million views and growing each month.

As mentioned, not all WordPress theme and plugin developers update their products. Having used both customized and non-customized themes on WordPress, I’ve had my fair share of my website performance taking a hit when the theme and plugin used were not updated by the WordPress developer.

3. Online security

Why are theme and plugin updates so critical in the first place? Well, no one wants to get hacked, especially when running an online business.

Whether creating a website as a hobby or business, there are too many opportunities for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves to be up to no good. So if you are not diligently monitoring the required updates, your site could be vulnerable to attacks.

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4. User friendly

I’m the first to admit that I’m not tech savvy. Being on the borderline of millennial and Gen X, this is where my millennial card gets taken away.

Even though I worked with various WordPress developers and designers, I still needed to learn how to operate WordPress myself. This took me hours and hours trying to learn how to navigate the backend vs. frontend work.

On the contrary, Wix offers a simple drag and drop interface. I can select any element on my site and start editing it on a user-friendly interface.

In fact, Wix offers a wide selection of professional website templates ready to go. I created this website myself using one of the many different classic blog templates...for free!

5. Peace of Mind

Whether in work or life, peace of mind is the ultimate goal at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a lot of sleep over a lot of troubleshooting issues that could have been easily avoided.

As all updates are automatically executed by the Wix technical team, this eliminated much stress and worry. Having more head space and time to do what I wanted definitely increased my happiness quotient!

6. Huge cost savings

Being able to build my Wix website with ease not only freed up my time and energy, but also saved me a ton of money. Over the years of using WordPress, I worked with 4 different web developers and designers. In total, I spent well over $5000 for them to build, fix, update, change, and maintain my site.

Furthermore, the costs kept adding up each time I had to pay for a web developer to do the clean up and ongoing maintenance.

With Wix, I have not had to work with a web developer yet. If I need to do so down the line, Wix offers a long list of trusted Wix designers and experts for hire at reasonable rates.

Start cutting down expenses now! Click below to check out all the templates you can start using on Wix!

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7. Monthly plans

Along the lines of cost savings, Wix offers several premium pricing plans and one free plan. Each plan varies based on the access to various features. The packages start from $7 per month to $30 per month.

With WordPress, you will need to get your own hosting service which will be about $7 per month but you will likely need to purchase a theme for a more secure website.

A pre-made WordPress theme costs around $30 – $80 per theme, depending on how reputable the theme developer is.

So the initial investment for a WordPress website could range from $139 to $200 or higher, depending on how many paid plugins you pick up or if at all.

This does not factor in the cost of hiring a WordPress developer if you want to make customizations to your site, which can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

8. One stop shop

I said farewell to ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampagn and other email marketing sites. Wix includes an email marketing platform already!

I was also able to cancel my Leadpages account because I was able to create landing pages on Wix. It also collects opt-in email addresses for me!

The total savings each month continues to add up when I made the switch! How's that for a one stop shop?

Thinking about giving Wix a try?

Check out all the templates Wix has to offer here!

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