Why You Only Need 100 Genuine Followers to Be a Profitable Biz

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Why You Only Need 100 Genuine Followers to Be a Profitable Biz

Why do some Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, or FaceBook posts go viral? But plenty others that are saying the same thing don't?

Currently, I'm managing an Instagram account with 100 followers. The photos are not professional but people love watching the dog peel coconuts.

Even with 100 followers, the account receives numerous DMs and comments from sponsors, to include pet stores, dog clothing companies, pet influencers, and more. 

Sponsors reach out when they see that the account user is authentic and there is potential for growth. 

Companies also like to see that the account is already applying key digital marketing strategies so there is a solid foundation for growth from there.

Only 100 Genuine Followers to Be Profitable

Bloggers and entrepreneurs don't need a million followers to sustain a business. 100 genuine followers is suffice. 

Many online bloggers and entrepreneurs will say the online market is saturated. Sure, everyone is saying the same thing about self-care, personal development and [insert any topic].  But very few are saying it with authenticity.  The "How to" and "5 Ways to" blogs tend to preach and lack an authentic voice in terms of connecting with the audience through vulnerability and storytelling. I'm totally guilty of this. My past blogs about how to retire early rarely include my story. 

Simply listing bullet points on how to invest wisely often puts a person to sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, feel free to find those old personal finance blog posts!

Why You Only Need 100 Genuine Followers to Be a Profitable Biz

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The game changer: Once I shared my experiences, my blogs went viral. Specifically, I shared how I use to suffer from insomnia and crying spells because I hated my job which led me to get my finances in order and retire by 35.

Sharing vulnerabilities through storytelling to build trust.  

There's knowledge, then there's wisdom. Followers and readers want the latter. The thing about sharing vulnerabilities through storytelling is that there is a fine line between oversharing every single challenging experience and speaking from a place of wisdom.  Oversharing just for the sake of shock factor and relatability is frequently seen on every social media platform. But here's the thing... The force multiplier effect of 100 genuine followers. When readers sense an authentic vibe, it's nature to want to share quality advice with family and friends. The word-of-mouth referrals + social media shares is priceless.

Gotta love the snowball effect! With 100 loyal followers spreading your great content via word-of-mouth and social media, your platform with organically multiply on it's own.

It takes time and may take longer to grow your following compared to constantly going for the shock factor content. 

But what's more important?  A gazillion "surface level" likes and follows or a profitable business that allows you to serve the right audience that needs your service or product. Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? Start building your profitable biz!

It's time to cut through all that noise online.

When it comes to organic website traffic and building your community, it comes down to two things....Keep it simple. Keep it real.

Whether you are looking for another side hustle or want to run a full-time biz, there are countless ways to make money on Pinterest.

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Why You Only Need 100 Genuine Followers to Be a Profitable Biz