Why I Quit My Job without a Plan B

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Why I Quit My Job without a Plan B | Career Change

Not too long ago, I did the unthinkable. I quit my 9-5 job without another job lined up. Not even an interview on the horizon. No Plan B.

No this was not an impulsive decision. Though, I have done this on impulse in the past. At one point in my blogs, I may have recommended never quitting without a Plan B.

This time around, I made this decision with intention.

I couldn’t stand working another day at my job. Despite having over 20 years on my mortgage, I turned in my resignation.

Enough was enough.

It all started when I couldn’t stand a passive aggressive coworker that I began thinking about how I could leave my 9-5. For quite some time, I experienced a series of intense office drama. I used it as motivation to get the heck out of the rat race.

The job itself also was not meaningful anymore. I started becoming a mean person

too...venting all the time, contributing to the office gossip, getting caught up in office politics, etc. Each day, I became more and more robotic with my smile and greetings.

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Why I Quit My Job without a Plan B | Career Change

I was festering. I didn’t sleep well or eat well. Seven hours of Netflix didn’t even do the trick. Eventually, I stopped teaching yoga on the weekends as I felt less and less authentic in my classes that were centered on mind, body and spiritual wellness.

I want freedom!

Yes, it took me two months to think things through before I went to HR to submit my resignation. But it took several years leading up to that breaking point.

After a decade of dabbling in different career paths, I outgrew the corporate lifestyle and valued more job autonomy.

The cubicle life no longer fit me. I didn’t want to work for crazy bosses or with passive aggressive coworkers anymore. I wanted to be financially independent so I could work whenever I wanted to and travel wherever I wanted to.

It wasn’t until I realized how much I craved freedom from a cubicle that I started waking up to my beliefs and habits around money. On days when I really couldn’t stand my job, I worked even harder on an exit strategy.

My failed attempts to solidify a Plan B.

I applied to a ton of jobs. After a month of submitting several applications everyday, I realized I was merely recreating the same cycle. I was looking for a job that matched my skill sets but not necessarily a job that aligned with the frequency of joy.

I wasn’t clear on what I even wanted to do...I was just focused on getting out of the toxic work environment. Thus, I knew I needed to get out of my head and into my heart. It was time to take a step back, trust the Universe and heal first.

Again, this may not be the best path for everyone. I much rather have had a solid plan in place but looking back, it was the best thing that could ever happen for me. It worked wonders for me to quit my stable secure (but soul depleting) job.

The path forward without a Plan B.

But as my last day of work approached, I wasn’t able to secure another job. Not even a job interview in sight.

I had the most awkward conversation with friends, family and HR. I found myself explaining why I wanted to leave and following up with the fact that I had nothing to go to. Not even a job interview in sight. But I did have a significant amount of savings to make ends meet while I mapped out a financial plan to be able to leave Corporate for good.

It seemed impulsive and irrational on the surface. But I had an inner knowing that I would be ok. I just knew I would never ever (Taylor Swift’s song should be playing the in the background) EVER step foot in that office.

Why was it the best decision for me?

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I knew in my heart that the only way to move forward was to heal first. It was terrifying thinking of living off of my savings with a mortgage to pay among other major bills.

But the worst was yet to come.

When I thought the worst was over, the most unexpected events happened within months of resigning. My relationship with a boyfriend of three years abruptly ended. That was only a week after my dad was in the hospital for a brain injury.

If my life was a reality show, this would have won an Emmy.

But sure enough, the Universe had my back. Here I thought I was being blocked from opportunities each time I applied to jobs that I was overqualified for. I mean, it hurt to not get an interview! But those doors closed for a reason!

My wealth and health improved, even without a job.

It was a bit of an Eat, Pray, Love kind of soul searching journey. For my career, I spent time learning about how to achieve financial independence. I got my finances squared away and mapped out a plan allowed me to retire before that age of 40.

For my soul, I worked with energy healers, mediums, tarot readers, and even received past-life regression readings. For my health, I practiced yoga (instead of just teaching it!), read self-help books, attended holistic wellness workshops, and traveled the world.

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Why I Quit My Job without a Plan B | Career Change

Looking back, I realized that by raising my vibrations on the mental, physical, emotional and energetic level, I was able to attract more opportunities leading to abundance. When we vibrate at the same frequency of the best version of ourselves, we are able to manifest faster breakthroughs.

Sure, it’s not easy to have high-vibe thoughts 100% of the day. But so long as we are able to make an effort to do so 51% of the time, we’ll start to feel shifts. In order to raise our frequency, we must raise our vibrations to align ourselves with the frequency of where we want to be in life.

The trick?

I lived as if I had a Plan B secured. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t going to be doing me any good to operate in the frequency of desperate anxious energy.

I focused on taking inspired actions to align my frequency to the next chapter of my life by taking baby steps towards choosing actions that brought me freedom and joy.

See if I wanted my next career to bring me freedom and joy, I needed to take actions that aligned with that frequency in my personal life. Otherwise, how was I going to attract that in my professional life if I had no clarity on the things that brought me freedom and joy.

Once I realigned with my soul path, my career path manifested like whoa. It was like a springboard that allowed me to attract more opportunities that matched that higher frequency.

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Why I Quit My Job without a Plan B | Career Change

And there’s no stopping here.

Life is all about the journey, not the destination. In order to continue to raise the frequency, spiritual development is critical.

The lessons learned from my wealth + wellness (wealthness) journey was channeled to create free money courses.

Are you are thinking about that next chapter in life and need some tips?

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In the past, I quit my corporate job several times without a Plan B. Things worked out each time but it was definitely scary times.

Quitting without another job lined up is not recommended. Ever.

However, you know yourself best. You know when you've had enough.

That's why I created a Resignation Checklist which includes my career pivot lessons learned along the way.

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