Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up

Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up

From the Podcast: "Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up"

Hello future Corporate Dropout! About to quit your job without another one lined up? In previous blogs and podcast episodes, I mentioned that each of the three times that I quit a career without another job lined up, without much of a plan in place, I was at a point of mental, physical, emotional and energetic exhaustion.

I was so burned out that I started taking it out of others...not my proudest moments. And that’s really not who I am either. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m a calm person. Being born and raised in Hawaii, on a farm, I got that laid back islander chill vibe going on.

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But that calmness was nowhere to be found when I was mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically depleted. Day after day, week after week and eventually that added up to years of spinning my wheels.

If you feel stuck, then let's create an action plan for your Corporate Dropout date.

Maybe you have no idea what you want to do next. Maybe the best solution for you is to stay in the same company but change departments. Or change industries completely. Or turn your side hustle into a full time gig.

But right now, there’s so many unknowns and it’s hard to figure out anything through all that noise. I get it. Also, those golden handcuffs are no joke so it can be easy to be complacent.

For someone who doesn’t like change, taking that career leap of faith wasn't easy for me...but totally worth it!

Finding your purpose is a lifelong adventure.

Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up

So if you're ready to start your adventure as a Corporate Dropout, let's get started!

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So if you’re ready to dropout, let’s get to work.

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Before you quit, a lot of things can happen quickly. The last thing you want is to do a sloppy job on important admin work.

We'll cover topics such as:

  • finding out when you'll receive your last paycheck

  • obtaining employment verification paperwork: references, phone numbers, and mailing addresses

  • checking your eligibility for employee benefits

  • researching alternative health insurance options

  • checking with HR on unused vacation & sick pay

  • drafting a resignation letter so that if things heat up, you are not emotional when writing your farewell. In fact, keep it short and simple.

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Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up

Here's a Resignation Letter Template you can use:

Dear (your Boss or HR manager):

Thank you for the opportunities for growth in my professional career. I have enjoyed working for (your department) and appreciate the support provided me during my time.

Please accept my resignation from my position as (your title) for (your department or company), effective (date of resignation). I will do what I can to ensure a smooth transition for the team. If I can be of any help during this process, please let me know.


Your Signature

Save it in draft in your inbox and focus your energy on other important matters.

Need a career break?

Most times, when people want to leave a job, they don’t consider taking a break in-between careers. This then leads to more burn out and the cycle perpetuates.

Taking a career break is not career suicide.

Career breaks can propel you forward even further than if you were to go directly into another job.

If I hadn’t taken months off, I would not have lasted very long in my next career. I needed the time off to gain clarity on what I wanted the next chapter of my professional life to look like.

During my career break, I experimented with different passive income ideas and strategies. Eventually, I was able to quit the corporate world for good with financial peace of mind.

Ready to create passive income too?

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Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up

When I quit Corporate, I didn’t tell my family and most of my closest friends.

Each of the three times I quit without a Plan B, I lied to them. Telling them my resignation plans would have caused overwhelming concern and added stress.

Instead, I informed them of my career change after the fact.

It wasn’t easy for them to hear but they eventually accepted my decision after they saw how much happier I was.

Having a solid support network is the most important yet most overlooked must-do. Before I resigned, I worked with a business coach, career counselor and talked with various mentors.

Perhaps everyone is trying to give you advice. But none of their suggestions are helpful?

Don't have an idea what you want to do next? Take a year off to reset? Start a business?

Start by creating a plan for your Corporate Dropout timeline. Let's make your career change happen!

Financially prepare for your dropout.

There are so many ways to create passive income streams. It doesn't mean you have to do it all.

Start with one passive income strategy and see which works best for you! Which passive income idea best suits your personality?

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Why I Quit My Career Without Another Job Lined Up