What to Do When Someone Steals Your Pinterest Image

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Pinterest Image

Hey fellow #GirlBosses + #Bloggers! We all love how Pinterest can help us reach more readers and boost website traffic right? But what happens when other users start stealing your pin?

For Pinterest users, there has been a significant increase in copyright issues as noted by numerous pinners.

This is unfortunate as many hours of hard work goes behind composing original content only for it to be stolen in a matter of seconds.

Many of the URLs on my pins (especially infographics) were changed by other pinners. People have changed the URL even though my website address is on all the pins.

In the past, I would just let it go. But more and more of my stolen pins has surfaced in my Pinterest feed.

After seeing so many of my pins being redirected to others sites, including affiliate links, I reported the copyright issues to Pinterest. Pinterest has removed all those pins within days.

Even if it may not make a big difference in terms of people continuing to change URLs, I still think it's worth reporting based on principle.

How to easily remove all stolen pins + strike.

How to Report Your Stolen Pinterest Pins; What to Do When Someone Steals Your Pinterest Image #blogtips #socialmedia #bloggingtips #business #girlboss #blogger

Pinterest enforces a repeat infringers policy that may result in the termination of users who acquire multiple strikes.

To identify your work, I have used the following standard language:

“I’m the owner of {insert your website}. I created this pin as indicated by the website name at the bottom of the pin. This user has changed the URL of several of my previously reported pins. Please delete + strike. Thank you.”

For those people who steal pins and have spammy Pinterest accounts, you can report the FULL account.

  • Go to https://help.pinterest.com/en

  • Scroll down to Need More Help?

  • Click Send us a Note.

  • Click Report Policy Violation.

  • Click Report Spam.

  • Click A Spammy Pinterest Account.

Fill out the form and hit submit! No longer do you need to take the time to report individual pins. Good riddance to accounts that are full of spam.

Happy pinning + be sure to join our community!

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What to Do When Someone Steals Your Pinterest Image