What's Next: Pinterest Marketing and Beyond

What's Next: Pinterest Marketing and Beyond

A few years ago, I resigned from a career in the foreign service and worked in the private sector for about a year. After paying off my mortgage, I quit Corporate America all together. Here's a brief timeline of how it all panned out and what's to come...

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What's Next: Pinterest Marketing and Beyond

Meanwhile, I was blogging and tried different side hustles throughout those years. Pinterest marketing services was the most profitable out of all my "experiments."

When I made the decision to quit the 9-5 life, I also decided to move out of the East Coast. I realized I just couldn't deal with winter weather anymore.

So I sold my condo, gave everything away and just shipped my car. Without much of a Plan B aside from offering Pinterest marketing services, I took one leap of faith after the other.

Currently, I'm quarantining in San Diego, California. It's been quite the emotional roller coaster ride in terms of business and life. But I can't complain.

What's Next: Pinterest Marketing and Beyond

So what's next for Pinfinite Marketing and beyond?

I'll continue to offer the membership program, strategy sessions and account management services. In addition, I will be diversifying into other businesses as Pinfinite Marketing is more streamlined and systematized.

What other types of businesses? This includes other social media marketing services and non-marketing related ventures. What can I say, I love being a creative and won't be limiting myself to different possibilities.

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In addition to exploring different business opportunities, I have been helping my parent's expand their farm business over the years. Whether it's handling online banking, financial investments to coordinating with their accountant, the projects keep on coming.

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