What's a Micro-Influencer & How to Become One

What is a Micro-Influencer & How to Become One

You may have heard of the term influencer. But what the heck is a micro-influencer? While an influencer may have a gazillion followers, a micro-influencer typically has much less but with a higher engagement.

A micro-influencer is typically more approachable and relatable than the influencer with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers. Though he or she may have a smaller following, a micro-influencer’s niche audience is highly dedicated and loyal.

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What technically counts as a micro-influencer?

These days, it easy to reach thousands of followers on multiple social media platforms. But that doesn’t necessarily make that person a micro-influencer.

Many people even purchase likes and follows so it’s hard to quantify micro-influencers based on the number of followers.

The number of followers can be quite subjective.

Many social media experts state different quantifiers. Over all, the number of followers is not what determines the micro-influencer.

Some state that a micro-influencer has anywhere between 10,000-500,000 followers on social media channels.

Some even say between 1,000 but under 300,000 followers is a better measure of a micro-influencer.

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It's not necessarily the number of followers as much as how engaged that audience is. Micro-influencers have specific niche audiences and are highly engaged with them.

High interaction with following.

What makes a micro-influencer more approachable and relatable? Engagement on social media and other platforms. Specifically, high frequency of likes and comments with followers build trust.

To be clear, high frequency of engagement also encompasses quality responses too. Not a generic spammy response like a smiley emoticon or one-word response.

Authentic engagement.

Also, one could argue that trolls and haters can have a lot of "engagement" based on their comments. Yet, trolls and haters don't always have a highly engaged following.

Genuine and meaningful interaction with the audience impacts a micro-influencer’s commercial viability. At the end of the day, brands and marketers value the engagement between (micro and macro) influencers and their audiences.

What other success factors?

Different social media platforms have different algorithms. And they always seem to be changing too. Here’s what holds true today across various platforms:

  • Provide authentic and engaging story-telling around the brand

  • Give the good (and bad!) review of the product/service

  • Ensure promoted product/service is relevant to entire niche

  • Be consistent in posts + quality engagement

  • Use a mix of relevant hashtags

  • Don’t constantly promote a brand

  • Be upfront with disclaimer when promoting

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So let's get to more uncommon micro-influencer strategies shall we?

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What's a Micro-Influencer & How to Become One