What Are the Different Styles of Reiki?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

There are so many styles of Reiki practiced around the world. Usui, Kundalini, Angelic, the list goes on. Some styles have different number of hand positions, whereas other styles focus on using different symbols.

A wide range of Reiki practices and techniques developed based on different cultural traditions and personal preferences. Before pen and paper, Reiki was taught by word of mouth. Thus, different interpretations naturally surfaced over the centuries.

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So which style of Reiki energy healing practice is best?

After years of studying different Reiki styles, here’s what I can say with certainty. There really isn’t any one particular styles that is better or more effective than the other.

It simply comes down to the fact that Reiki energy goes where it needs to go for the recipient’s highest good.

In fact, many other forms of holistic healing modalities, such as Pranashakti healing, have similarities to Reiki. Various forms of alternative medicines also have the common focus on balancing chakras.

Personally, I enjoy learning about different styles of Reiki (and other forms of energy healing modalities).

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Why learn different styles of Reiki?

Learning and practicing Reiki is a lifelong journey. After receiving my Reiki Masters certification, I felt like my spiritual journey was just beginning.

I felt called to learn from different Reiki Masters and different types of holistic healing practices. Until this day, I am still attending holistic wellness workshops and still keep in touch with my mentors.

All in all, Reiki is a lifelong journey of spiritual growth. There’s just so much to learn and put into practice. It’s one thing to understand Reiki techniques and principles. But it’s another to apply it to day-to-day life.

In today’s fast-past world, it can be tough to achieve work life balance with a busy lifestyle. Some days, it can feel like various stressors are coming at us from all different angles!

So how does a busy gal gain a sense of peace and balance?

As you may know, there is a direct connection between your body and mind as it relates to your overall wellness.

We store feelings and emotions in our bodies. When these feelings and emotions fester they can lead to unhappiness and illnesses.

Thus, issues that are not dealt with but locked away may cause physical and emotional damage as the body, mind, and spirit is out of balance.

Holistic wealth is all about creating wealth beyond money.

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Through the art of focusing we can communicate with our higher self to release the blockages and destructive emotions. Peace, balance and holistic wellness follows.

Learning to communicate and understand your body, mind, and spirit is essential for your overall happiness. This is where Reiki can help you do just that…

Most times we focus on tackling our challenges on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Rarely do we approach our problems from an energetic angle.

Incorporating Reiki energy healing into your routine can make all the difference in busting through stubborn blocks!

New trend by celebs and mainstream media?

There’s been a lot of hype around the health benefits of Reiki energy healing despite the holistic practice having been around for centuries.

In fact, Reiki has been covered quite a bit in mainstream media, from Newsweek, The Drs, Oprah, and even Vanity Fair.

As various mainstream media has covered Reiki, many have wondered if energy healing is effective. Well, here’s what I know to be true.

Years ago, I went through a series of personal and professional life crises.

Though most would describe me as an upbeat and down-to-earth gal, deep down, I was miserable. I tried everything but kept feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

In the midst of anxiety and bouts of depression, I kept changing jobs, moving locations…yet nothing seemed to work.

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Here’s what happened at one of my lowest points…

Broke up with a guy that I was set on marrying…couldn’t stand my office job and cried myself to sleep on Friday nights because I dreaded Mondays…had a falling out with my best friend…and a meltdown in front of a manager…unfortunately, the list goes on.

Life was chaotic but that didn’t mean I had to stay at rock bottom.

For months, I worked with various energy healers and yoga mentors to clear blocks holding me back from tapping into my intuition. The clarity and insight I gained felt drastic once I faced my mental and emotional blocks.

I ended my work contract overseas and got on the airplane to move back to the US. Within 24 hours of landing, I bought my condo and car.

Yes…from the airport, to the hotel, then my realtor’s office, into the realtor’s car, viewed the condo, 20-minutes later, put down the offer. Next morning, I bought the Prius! That was almost 5 years ago and I still have no buyers remorse on the car and condo.

How did I make such large purchases in such a short amount of time with so much confidence and clarity? And so quickly?

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Holistic Approach: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Energetic

Most times we manifest breakthroughs by tackling our challenges on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Rarely do we look at how to take on life challenges on the energetic level.

Don’t get me wrong, I stand by meditations, visualizations, journaling, and exercising as effective healing techniques that can feed the soul. In my experience, Reiki energy healing greatly complements all these helpful holistic practices.

Based on the law of attraction, when we raise our energetic vibrations, we are able to attract who and what we want into our lives.

Reiki energy healing works with the law of attraction to clear blocks and enhance your energetic health. Being consistent in incorporating energy work into your daily routine is key to boosting your vibrations.

Why? The key to getting to where you want to go in your personal and professional life is to be in alignment with the vibrational frequency of where you want to be.

In today’s nonstop world, Reiki energy healing can help bring awareness, stress relief, and balance into our busy lifestyles. Reiki energy balances the chakras, or subtle frequencies, of an individual’s energetic body.

Reiki for health, finances, relationships and pets.

More people around the world are beginning to pursue Reiki treatments for their health, finances, relationships, careers, and animals.

Celebrity health expert Dr. Oz suggests Reiki to many clients who wish to lose weight to those who are simply pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Oz stated: “We are embarking on this whole new vista of opportunities. It broadens dramatically the spectrum of where we might be able to go in our bodies.”

Accordingly, Reiki is often used to enhance the effectiveness of various healing modalities. The healing energy will go where it is needed and do what is needed to facilitate shifts and natural healing.

Interested in learning more traditional Reiki tips to incorporate throughout your day?

Become a Reiki Master!

Reiki is a life long learning process. It's simple to learn but requires daily practice! Learn Reiki I, II & Master techniques at your own pace.

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