3 Uncommon Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Trying to tap into your intuition in order to gain insights to an ongoing problem? Tried meditating, journaling and talking it out? But nothing seems to work?

Throughout the last decade, I've taken multiple leaps of faith, from buying my condo and car within 24-hours of moving to a new city to start over, and quitting my 9-5 without a Plan B...all while at rock bottom.

Despite how irrational each choice may have seemed on the surface, each time things panned out much better than expected.

First, I’m not saying you should quit your 9-5 if you are unhappy. For my situation, had I stayed at my 9-5, I wouldn’t have had the energy or creativity to fuel my blog.

I was feeling suffocated with going into a job that no longer resonated with me. It was draining me to the point where I was dreading returning back to work even when a vacation JUST started.

In 2013, I hit a wall in my personal and professional life, for the zillionth time. If you haven’t read my previous blogs, my love life fell apart and I was at my wits end with my career path.

I did my best to stay positive and tried everything to stay sane. I worked out, picked up different hobbies, spent time with friends, filled journals left and right, you name it, I did it!

Most importantly, I found stillness and tapped into my intuition. My personal and professional life may have been falling apart, but I didn’t have to stay at rock bottom!

How did I tap into my intuition despite being in the midst of chaos surrounding me in my personal and professional life?

1. Time in nature.

Well, sometimes all it takes is getting quiet and going out for a walk in nature. Specifically, setting the intention to connect with the trees.

Yes, that’s right. Trees.

Spending time in nature is beneficial for so many reasons. Nature has a therapeutic effect on us.

Hiking in the mountains or simply listening to a sound masking of rustling forest trees can be relaxing and rejuvenating. Most people tend to sleep better and have more energy after being out in nature.

After all, we all energetic in nature.

We are all made up of atoms. Atoms are continuously giving off and absorbing light and energy...even when we sleep. Plants and animals communicate through energetic vibrations. They can sense whether the energy is good for them or not...good versus bad vibes.

So that brings us back to tapping into our ability as energetic beings. When we connect with the energy of our environment, we are able to create space to tap into insights from the Universe.

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But back to the trees. Regardless of the season, placing your hand on a tree allows you to access nature’s messages. This could be insights on the weather to your ongoing problem that doesn’t seem to ever get resolved.

Some say touching a tree can also equalize your energetic frequency with that of the Earth.

So if you can’t quite seem to get out of that funk, maybe it’s time to get out of your head. Go out in nature.

You don’t even have to live near a mountain or forest! Just go out to the yard, park, or any place with a tree. When you place your hands on the tree, set the intention to get quiet and perceive energetic answers.

Answers may not come instantaneously but notice if you are able to gain insights later on in the week...maybe even in your sleep!

2. Notice when it’s fear versus intuition.

When times get tough, it’s hard to hear what our intuition is trying to tell us. When stressed, our inner debating committee can can be just as loud as the noise we hear outside.

After all, we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. Some of the thoughts can cloud our ability to hear our intuition.

So how does one differentiate between what’s intuition and what’s plain ol’ crazy talk?

Understanding how fear helps us tell the difference between what is intuition and what is just crazy talk. Each day, we have between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. The steady flow of thinking thoughts is a filter between our thoughts and feelings, our head and heart.

Fear, a double edge sword.

An undirected mind operates naturally in survival mode by searching for threats. I don’t know about you but that usually in the form of a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for me!

Life is just too short and our time is just too precious to constantly operate in survival mode. There isn’t a bear running after us every day. Yet, our stress levels hit that peak point when someone cuts us off on the road or when we are sitting in traffic.

But fear can be useful too!

At times, our fears and concerns can be legit thoughts about a threat. During those moments, the survival mentality actually can guide as away from an unfavorable situation. Thus, we can lead a better life if we know how to select what is legitimately helpful to improve our daily life.

3. Receive intuitive hits while you sleep.

Having a good night rest allows us to not only recharge, but also manifest our goals. In our dream state, we can receive intuitive hits. It’s those AHA! moments to seem to come out of nowhere.

During our dream state, our mind processes our thoughts, emotions, and just about everything else. The intuitive hits tend to surface when our busy mind takes a break from the processing. That’s when we can tap into our subconscious.

To get answers while you sleep, practice these techniques for at least two weeks. Doing so for two consecutive weeks allows you enough time to work through the dreams, especially if you are new to developing your intuition.

1. Drink half a glass of water before bed. Water is an amplifier which keeps our energy flowing.

2. Ask a question that you would like to seek clarity on. Note that asking more than one question will get confusing and actually gets in the way of obtaining faster results. So ask only one question at a time! For instance, “what do I need to know in order to transition to a new career?”

3. Upon waking up, drink the other half glass of water. Once again, this is to help with energy flow.

4. Immediately write down any dreams that you may have had during the night. Pay attention to any signs and symbols. This include numbers, animals, or anything that may have significance to you.

If you came across some numbers during your dream, it may be helpful to refer to “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue to understand what the numbers represent.

If you came across animals, it may be helpful to refer to “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews to understand what the animals symbolize.

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3 Uncommon Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition; sharpen intuition, develop intuition, intuitive ability, intuitive sense