Wall of WTF

Wall of WTF

As business owners, we've all received salesy emails to inappropriate private messages from time to time. Whether it's someone persistently trying to pick your brain or ask for free services, it can be annoying. Over the years, I've learned to set healthy boundaries and have become really good at saying "no". When you know your worth, it gets easier to do! As a reminder, this is why I have the "Wall of WTF."

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Spammy LinkedIn Messages from People I Do NOT Know:

Maria G** 11:45 PM

Hi, how are you? I reached out because I just wanted to share an article I created recently, it's all about Linkedin and how you can get into your target market through this platform.

Check it out here: https://www....

Please feel free to comment and share. Thanks, Maria

Lynne C** 8:55 AM

Hi - tell me about what u do?

Angela D** 11:01 AM

I would love to get your input on three projects I am currently working on...

Facebook Brain Pickers:

Katrina P**

I just set up my Pinterest business account for my life coaching. Can you take a look and let me know what you think? I'm available for a call if you are interested in chatting.

Leasing Office That Sent My Security Deposit to the Wrong Address:

Sorry we tried. Accounting won’t do an overnight because of the mix ups in the address changes. They are strict with the accounting department and we had to have them remove the fee for re-issuing the check.