How to Use Your Emotions to Attract Money

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Your emotions around money is a powerful tool to attract money.

Your positive and negative emotions can help you to create various forms of wealth. Your money mindset is the subconscious blueprint for manifesting wealth.

Money is emotional.

Money can be a touchy subject for many of us. In fact, discussing money, salaries, and so forth is viewed as taboo in some cultures. Money can trigger emotions if we use it to define our sense of self-worth and confidence.

Even though it may be a touchy subject, if we avoid or ignore our beliefs around money, then we create blocks to creating more wealth in our lives. Fellow empaths and highly sensitive peeps, it’s time to bust through those stubborn blocks in order to attract money with your emotions.

Your money mindset is like the operating system of your computer. This system is comprised of positive and negative thoughts that come from your past experiences and beliefs around money.

Recognize what your beliefs are around money.

Get clear on what your beliefs are in order to know what needs to shift in your mindset. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen so long as you tap into your intuition.

When you think about your earning potential, do you think of a fixed amount or are you open to multiple streams of income? It’s easy to forget that our sources of income does not have to come from just our 9-5 job!

If you truly embrace the concept that there is an abundance in the world for you to have unlimited earning potential, you create space to do so.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract who and what we want into our lives by creating space for it.

By holding positive energy, we can attract positive results such has unforeseen opportunities to financial windfalls.

Energy flows where the mind goes.

Whatever we focus on has a higher likelihood of becoming more successful. When you “optimize” your mind to hold powerful beliefs around money, you are clearing mental blocks to attract more money to you.

One way to optimize your mind is to visualize and feel as if you already achieved that desired level of wealth. What would you do differently? What would you wear? What would you eat? How would you feel?

The law of attraction works with life force energy. If you can clearly envision your financial goal, you are able to vibrate at the frequency of having achieved the goal.

In turn, you can better attract what you desire.

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Take small yet consistent steps to align with your purpose.

Money is energy. Thus, when you are energetically aligned with your purpose, money flows. How does one become energetically aligned?

Say you can’t stand your job. Your negative emotions surrounding your job can act as a compass guiding you to realign with your purpose.

Not saying you need to quit your job. But simply taking a few action steps can help you gain clarity on how to improve your work life.

Increase the positive energy flow.

Envision yourself in an ideal work day. What would you wear? What would your commute to work be like? What would you do each day? Most importantly, how would you feel?

If you want to feel a greater sense of freedom in that career, then start taking daily inspired action steps that make you feel free. I used blogging as my creative outlet to write about my money goals.

The passion and energy grew organically. Within months, I was making passive income through my blog. So be sure to follow the energy! What gets you excited?

Once you really sink yourself into your ideal scenario, notice how your mood changes. By raising your emotional vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to be in life, you attract more opportunities to help you manifest even faster.

When you are able to manifest at a faster rate, you create positive energy flow for money to enter into your life. That is how I was able to create passive income and increase the momentum towards financial independence.

Money is energy.

If there is too much clutter in your life, how is money (energy) supposed to flow into your life? Clear away physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks to create space for money to flow in.

Declutter energetically:

Are you wasting energy thinking about your past financial regrets? What are you holding on to that no longer serves your highest good? By forgiving yourself for past money mistakes, you free up time and energy to focus on an action plan forward.

Declutter emotionally:

Assess the people you choose to spend the your time with. Having emotionally depleting friends in your life can block positive energetic flow as well. Perhaps it’s time to set some energetic boundaries and start saying “no” to engagements that don’t fulfill you.

Declutter physically:

Another way to increase energy flow is to declutter your home and work environment. Not sayin’ that you have to Marie Condo your house but the lady has a good point. How much of your energy is directed toward looking after your material belongings?

Declutter mentally:

Clearing away the “excess” from your home, work environment, and even calendar creates space for positive energy flow. It helps to clear mental space that helps you to focus and be more efficient.

Keep items that actively serve you or make you happy in some way. You don’t necessarily have to be a hoarder of material possessions to declutter. Consider unsubscribing to emails that are cluttering your inbox and taking up mental space.

The more you are able to declutter, the more space you have to allow energy to flow in. You may even start to notice opportunities that were right under your nose!

Many tend to overlook the fact that they can also make money with what they have, what they know, and what they are willing to try.

I started this website for fun to write down my journey to financial freedom. Eventually, it became an income earning side hustle teaching others how to create more wealth themselves!

Ready to manifest financial freedom?

Balance your seven chakras to increase positive energy flow. After all, money is energy!

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How to Use Your Emotions to Attract Money; financial independence, financial freedom, personal finance strategies, money tips, money mindset, law of attraction