Truths About Entrepreneurship Most People Don't Consider

Truths About Entrepreneurship Most People Don't Consider

Life as a Corporate dropout turned entrepreneur has been an emotional roller coaster ride. The highs are super high. But the low points can knock the wind out of me...almost to the point of returning to Corporate. Here's the good, bad and ugly truths about entrepreneurship most people don't consider...

Corporate dropout turned entrepreneur:

First, in case we haven't met yet, I'm a Pinterest marketing strategist. I help startups, bloggers and brands reach their target market on Pinterest. I leverage Pinterest as a visual search engine tool, not a social media platform.

Before starting my marketing business, I worked for the federal government for eight years and a Big Four firm for two years. I started blogging on the side as an outlet.

It was when my blogs reached 1.5 million views in one month from Pinterest alone, without ads, that I started helping other bloggers and businesses do the same.

Since then, I've been helping businesses drive web traffic in order to market their products and services on Pinterest.

There's always work to be done.

Work doesn't feel like work. But after working nights, weekends and holidays, it can start feeling like being back on the 9-5 hamster wheel. I try to turn off work but it's hard. Sometimes, work just finds me too.

The other day I went to a social brunch. Not a professional networking event. Not work-related at all...strictly social.

However, the person sitting next to me kept asking for my opinion on her marketing plan as soon as she found out I ran a Pinterest marketing business. It soon became an exercise of setting boundaries.

Truths About Entrepreneurship Most People Don't Consider

The wins can be few and far between, especially when just starting.

I've heard so many no's and rejection is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes I don't know if it's a sign to stop and go in a different direction or to continue marching forward.

I think of all the times JK Rowling got rejected for Harry Potter. It was 12 "no's" until the 13th publisher said "yes". I never know when I'm at the 12th or it's just time to cut the losses.

It's true what they say. It's like jumping out of an airplane and figuring out how to assemble the parachute on the way down. There are so many unknowns but when there is progress, it can all feel worthwhile...even if it took an eternity to see results.

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Today, I'm proud to have helped business in the health + wellness to financial industry increase lead conversion and sales through search engine optimization. Most recently, my client increased their target market reach by over 3000% without running ads.

I hope to help more businesses reach their target market on Pinterest through my membership site, workshop trainings, and consultations. After all, the more bloggers and businesses reach their target audience, the less noise there will be in the online space.

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Truths About Entrepreneurship Most People Don't Consider