Tower Card Reflections: Time for a Change in Business, Relationships & Life

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The tarot card drawn for this week is the Tower card. The image of the Tower card depicts a tower being struck by lightning, and fire crawling out from the small windows at its top.The card is commonly interpreted as meaning crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is associated with sudden unforseen change.

Many tend to be afraid of the Tower card. But for me, right now, I welcome the change, badly. Time to make way for new beginnings.

Lately I've been on edge. Between moving to a new apartment during quarantine, trying to keep business afloat and dealing with dating woes, I wanted to give up. I knew I had to make some personal and professional changes. So here's what I'm thinking.


When it comes to business, I'm looking for new opportunities to collaborate in different fields. It doesn't even have to be Pinterest marketing related. So long as I'm making use of my skill sets, be it writing, SEO marketing or simply creating.

My goal is to better serve the community and enjoy what I do. Pinterest related or not. I know how to be resourceful.

I was born into an entrepreneurial family. I've been helping my parents with their farming business since I was a kid. Whether it was writing invoices, delivering produce, or just hiring a new CPA for my parents. I've seen and lived through all the highs and lows.

If anything, I'm the unofficial financial planner and operations manager of their business still to this day. I could focus on that as my primary career and figure out different ways to help them grow further.

All in all, I welcome the energy of the Tower card. Any type of change, big or small, is needed. I will continue to follow my curiosity and put myself out there by networking and going within.

Tower Card Reflections: Time for a Change in Business, Relationships & Life


I'm fairly new to online dating. After my last long term relationship ended, I realized online dating apps were the norm these days when it comes to meeting partners. So I gave it a try. First with Match. That was a disaster. A waste of time and money. Then I tried two other apps. It was a big improvement in terms of less predatory behavior.

After a few months, I took a break from online dating by deactivating two apps: Coffee Meets Bagel and Hinge. Dating fatigue is no joke. I was tired of the typical online dating complaints in regards to ghosting, catfishing, immature behavior and so forth.

While I'd like to meet my life partner sooner rather than later, I'm not sure if it'll happen any time soon given quarantine restrictions. Without the dating apps, I'm surrendering to the Universe.

It could still happen when I'm attending Zoom networking events, friends keeping an eye out for me and maybe even at the gym. Who knows.

This reminds me of the story of the man who would pray to the fountain statue. Each day he'd pray to win the lottery. Finally, one day the statue came to life and told him he needs to buy a lottery ticket first.

Which brings me back to a few things. To increase my chances of winning the "lottery", my chances are better when I buy more tickets. So this means putting myself out there more whether it's at public places such as gyms, coffee shops, etc. Also, I'm not closing the door on all dating apps. I still haven't tried Bumble so maybe I'll give it a try when I'm ready.

Either way, I'm trusting that the right person will come into my life at the right time while doing my part in this co-creation process.


Happiness is different for everyone. My source of happiness comes from being in the state of flow. It is feeling connected to loved ones. It is doing meaningful work each day. Happiness is having that sense of purpose and knowing that I'm fulfilling it. I feel happy when I'm creating, such as blogging, designing graphics and helping others with search engine optimization (SEO) marketing to further their businesses. I feel happy when I have meaningful conversations with family and friends. I feel happy when I am helping improve someone's day.

Sara Blakely sold fax machines for seven years before leaving to go full-time with Spanx. That's true hustling. In several interviews, she mentioned that she journaled and asked the Universe for what she wanted. Letting go of the "how" and focusing on the "why."

So I'm putting this out there for the Universe. We'll see where we go from here!