Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice
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Is it time for a career change? Should you stick it out a little longer for that promotion? Tarot cards can be a useful tool to help you gain clarity when you are in need of career advice. When it comes to career blocks, tarot cards can help you tap into your intuition.

Career advice from tarot cards?

Now we aren’t talking about using tarot to determine if you should quit your job tomorrow. We’re talking about using tarot cards as a tool to help sort through career challenges.

With the insights from tarot, you ultimately use your free will to make the final call. That’s right, the tarot doesn’t determine your career path. You do!

The images and words on a tarot card can help bring out what we already know deep down inside. Tarot can be helpful when it comes to accessing the subconscious.

So you quit your job...without a Plan B?

Been there. It’s hard to raise your vibrations and be in the frequency of joy when you’re unemployed.

I get it. Over the past decade or so, I’ve been unemployed a few times...not always by choice either!

With over 20 years left on the mortgage, 10 rejection emails from jobs that I felt I was overqualified for, I found myself on the edge of giving up and moving back home.

But here’s what helped me get through the anxiety and depression of unemployment…

Guardian angel tarot cards

One way I’ve been able to access career insights is by tapping into my intuition through guardian angel tarot cards. When it comes to work-related issues, I like to use a deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, Guardian Angel Tarot Cards.

The Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck includes powerful messages to help people gain clarity on their finances, relationships and career. I’ve taken screenshots to use as a home screen on my phone and share on my social media.

The image and words on the card are great reminders throughout the day. After all, energy flows where the mind goes...and money is energy!

Check out the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards here!

Let me explain through my journal entries starting from the day I resigned from my eight year career in the public sector. On the day I resigned from that six-figure job, I had no interview on the horizon.

To add salt to the wound, a few hours after I walked through the doors of the office building, I even received a rejection email from a job that I was really hoping to get!

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In order to refrain from going down the rabbit hole of negative self-talk and depression, I decided to take steps to ensure I raised my vibrations.

One of the first steps I decided to take was to talk to my guardian angels. I drew 5 cards out my Guardian Angel Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. The following is the read-out and reflection of my 5-card reading.

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice

Current Situation

Three of Action: Things are working out beautifully! Now that your ship has come in, it’s time to decide what your next big project will be. You may choose to continue to build upon your successes or move on to something entirely different. Be willing to travel if necessary.

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice
Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Eve’s Reflection: Yes, that “unemployment” ship has certainly docked! I’ve been waiting for what seemed like an eternity! For two months, I applied to a total of over 50 jobs. Many that I was overqualified for. Yet, I still didn’t hear back or even received rejection notices.

But I realized I didn’t really have a clear sense of what I wanted. No wonder the Universe wasn’t cooperating! Aimlessly applying to random jobs would only lead me to repeat the same cycle of job dissatisfaction.

Now that I did not have a job I dreaded to go to every day, I needed to get clear on the next step, especially since I was choosing to move on to something different.

Current Expectations

Two of Abundance: Life may be feeling a little out of balance right now. You could be working multiple jobs or trying to make a change to your dream career. It’s important to keep things light and stay in touch with your inner child. Make your work as playful as possible! Multitasking with a positive attitude brings success.

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice
Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Eve’s Reflection: This card was spot on. But how the heck do I keep things “light”? I did feel excited but mostly terrified about being unemployed. What if something happened and I needed to go to the emergency room? How am I going to afford the medical bills without health insurance?

After further thought, I knew there were many ways I could bring forth a positive attitude despite not really having much to feel positive about. That was, I needed to shift my focus.

I was going to make sure I reflected on all the positive things I enjoyed each day of unemployment. That is, not having to wake up so early, commute to the office, work with difficult managers, and most of all, having the sense of freedom to create my next career path!

Hidden Influences

Three of Emotion: Wonderful news is on its way! Announcements regarding engagements, pregnancies, births, or graduations will be revealed. New friends will be made, or communities of like-minded people will draw closer to one another. Exciting new beginnings or happy endings are just around the corner.

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice
Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Eve’s Reflection: This was encouraging as I could use a reason for celebration and joy. It was time to expand my network and reach out to community organizations that shared my interests.

Doing so would lift my spirits, allow me to be in the frequency of joy, and help me to better attract who and what I wanted in my life. So I signed up for a past life regression reading at the holistic wellness center in my neighborhood. Here are 21 things I learned from my past life reading!


Helper of Abundance: Although you have a lot to do, it’s important that you get organized first. Once planning is complete, you can roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your guardian angels surround you and are ready to help out. This card also indicates a very loving, kind and loyal friend...someone with a big heart, a quick wit, and endless patience. That person could be you!

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice
Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Eve’s Reflection: Indeed there is a lot to organize...internally that is. Knowing that I was way off my soul path, I needed to heal in order to be able to springboard into the next chapter of my professional life.

After a private intuitive reading about a month prior to my resignation, I knew I had a lot to sort through as far as figuring out what it was that would make me happy. Thus, I created a vision board and continued to journal everyday to release negative emotions.

Here’s how you can turn negative vibes into positive fuel too!


Five of Emotion: Forgiveness is an important part of healing. Forgive yourself and those around you for any mistakes of the past so that everyone can move forward. Grieving is a normal part of life. Ask your angels or those you love to help you move through the process quickly so that you can get back on the path to joy.

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice
Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Eve’s Reflection: Forgiving my micromanaging boss, passive aggressive colleague, and others in the hostile work environment was going to take time. Even if I wasn’t physically in the same space as them, the negative emotions I felt made it seem as if I was around them all the time. Over time, I learned that letting go and breaking up with the past is tough, but totally doable.

Guardian angels

Guardian angels are the protective angelic beings who guide us all. Whether you are currently aware of your guardian angels or not, everyone has guardian angels.

Guardian angels act in different ways as some guardian angels are more hands on than others.

Sometimes guardian angels will make their presence obvious while other times, their approach is much more subtle. Some standby and wait for their guidance to be invited in by you.

Connecting with your guardian angels depends largely on your personality and your needs in the moment. Your guardian angels will change their approach depending on what will most serve your highest good.

There are many factors that play a key role in how much your guardian angels are able to do for you. Their ability to help you depends on how aware of angels you are.

It also depends on how often you seek to make a connection with your guardian angels or invite their help, guidance and healing.

Ultimately, your guardian angels are spiritual beings of love, light and divine presence. Through their message, they gently but consistently nudge you in the direction of your authentic truth and greatest potential.

Check out more Guardian Angel Tarot Cards here!

Need more support on your career path?

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Top 5 Tarot Cards for Career Advice