Top 5 Pinterest Strategies for Business Marketing

Top 5 Pinterest Strategies for Business Marketing

Throughout the week, I post numerous Pinterest marketing strategies on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, Each week, I will be rounding up my top 5 most popular social media posts to help you optimize your Pinterest account for business.

As you may already know, website traffic from Pinterest have a higher conversion rate than traffic from other social media sources. This is because Pinterest reduces the steps from discovery to conversion, making it easier for people to get straight to the source.

If you want to increase lead conversions, wait no longer! Let's get to my top 5 Pinterest strategies for this week... Related Content:

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1. Insert keywords in a business profile to increase organic reach.

When keywords are added to a profile name, it has a higher likelihood of surfacing when someone searches for one of those keywords on Pinterest, or even Google.

Bottom line: Even with a small Pinterest following, there are likely hundreds of people who view a profile each month when keywords are implemented.

2. Turn Keywords to Hashtags.

Adding keywords in Pin descriptions and turning it into a hashtag signals to Pinterest that your content is relevant to the terms you’ve used.

If someone clicks the branded hashtag, they see all of your content.

Top 5 Pinterest Strategies for Business Marketing

3. Keep graphics simple.

Pinterest is a highly visual medium. It’s worth the effort to create quality pins and infographics.

Just like how simpler websites convert better, the same goes with simple pins and infographics. Great designs for pins and infographics go a long way beyond Pinterest. The same goes for curating quality content.

Pinning quality content leads to more repins and consequently increase traffic from Pinterest. With increased traffic, you’ll automatically land a higher page rank on Google.

No need for fancy smancy fonts + texts.

Pinterest users are constantly scrolling. So there isn't a long time for reading text overlays. Thus, keep pin and infographic designs simple and easy to read!

4. Post consistently, not frequently.

Stretch your organic reach with consistency (not frequency). As with other platforms, it's all about consistency over frequency.

Your ideal posting frequency will depend on you or your business’ goals. It also depends on the amount of time you can dedicate to your marketing efforts.

Bottom line: The ideal posting frequency is the frequency that you can keep up with consistently. 5. Monthly views don't matter.

Those Pinterest stats can be confusing AF. I totally get it. Let's get one thing clear. Monthly views don't actually matter when it comes to leveraging Pinterest for SEO.

Monthly views don't reflect website traffic. “Viewers” indicates how many people may have seen your own content that you save to Pinterest.

This includes how many people may have seen your own content that others have saved to Pinterest.

It also includes views of content you have saved from other people's sites AND views on any Pins you may have promoted.

Not sure how to track your progress?

Instead of tracking Pinterest monthly views, check Google analytics to see how much traffic is coming from Pinterest. Still wondering if Pinterest a right fit for your business? Not sure how to make money using Pinterest?

Start with a free Pinterest Audit Template to make sure your account is optimized.

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