Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips of the Week

Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips of the Week

Throughout the week, I post numerous Pinterest marketing strategies on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, Each week, I will be rounding up my top 5 most popular social media posts to help you optimize your Pinterest account for business.

As you may already know, website traffic from Pinterest have a higher conversion rate than traffic from other social media sources. This is because Pinterest reduces the steps from discovery to conversion, making it easier for people to get straight to the source.

If you want to increase lead conversions, wait no longer! Let's get to my top 5 Pinterest strategies for this week... Related Content:

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1. Consistent SEO strategy.

Is Pinterest a good fit for B2B? B2C? Yes and yes. So long as search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is consistently implemented.

When a Pinterest account is search engine optimized, it has a higher likelihood of surfacing when someone searches for one of those keywords on Google.

Selling a product? Offering a service? The same Pinterest SEO strategies apply. Many B2B and B2C businesses have benefited from Pinterest SEO because most of their customers use Google to solve a pain point. 2. Claim your website.

Claiming your site places your profile picture next to Pins that come from your site, regardless of who posts them. This helps built the know, like and trust factor with your followers.

Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips of the Week for Businesses, Startups and Brands

  • Under "Settings", claim your website to access to more in-depth Pinterest analytics

  • Click Confirm website option in the website field

  • Upload an HTML file to your server or add a meta tag to your website's header

3. Think global customers.

You may be surprised that men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest. But how about an international growth?

Reach your ideal customer avatar (ICA) all over the world. As of August 2019, the majority of Pinterest's users are outside the US. That's around 215 million people.

Its international user base grew by 38% while US users only by 13% since the same quarter last year. 4. Pinterest Ads ROI.

Facebook vs Pinterest ads. Which has a better return on investment (ROI)?

While each business is unique, studies found that Pinterest users spend more when shopping compared to Facebook users.

Pinterest offers Actalike audience targeting, which is similar to Facebook’s Lookalike feature and Google’s Similar feature.

However, Actalike only requires an audience size of 100 users to create the audience. Facebook and Google require much larger audiences. 5. Leverage infographics for brand awareness, not clicks.

Infographics convey data in a visually-appealing way and stand out in Pinterest feeds.

Although infographics may not provide high click through rates, they are 30X more likely to be read than text blog posts.

Infographics are effective for brand awareness on Pinterest. They tend to have high repin rates but low click rates.

Not sure how to make money using Pinterest?

It doesn't happen over night, but all it takes is small consistent steps in the right direction. Start with a free Pinterest Audit Template to make sure your account is optimized.

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