TikTok: How to Market Your Products & Services

Tik Tok: How to Market Your Business Products & Services

Love watching videos on TikTok? Ready to start marketing your business on the platform for free? Great, there are many ways to leverage TikTok to get your offerings out to the world.

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Serve, serve, and serve.

Pinfinite Marketing recently launched our TikTok account. We created a number of "how-to" videos on Pinterest marketing.

We aren't promoting our services, but rather providing value to our target audience. We also include our client results in our videos to build our credibility.

Here are examples of our latest TikTok videos.

While these videos are one-minute in length, we 3X the speed of the video when we upload it on TikTok and include an uplifting song in the background.

Address a pain point.

This one is a win-win situation. Create a video that answers your frequently asked questions. This way you build credibility and don't need to keep repeating yourself.

So what questions do people keep asking you over and over again? You can address your ideal customer's pain point by getting in front of the camera. Or you can create a slide show like the video below!

Include a call to action in the caption.

In many of our captions, we relate it to the video. For instance, we say "Ready to market your business on Pinterest? Learn more simple Pinterest marketing tips at PinfiniteMarketing.com

Add hashtags in the caption.

There is a 150 character limit. Include relevant hashtags to help your target audience find your content. Play around with relevant "trending" hashtags too. We like to mix it up so that we aren't using the same hashtags each time we upload a video.

See more caption examples on our TikTok account:


The "know, like and trust" factor.

As business owners, it's natural to want to talk about our products and services all day to anyone who would listen. We are constantly keeping an eye out for the next business opportunity, client or business partner.

But here's the thing, people need to get to know first. If they like you and your product or service, they will determine if they trust you enough to give you their business.

In addition, not everyone is going to be a good fit. More importantly, we can't force anyone into buying our products or services even when it's the best thing for them to do.

Post consistently.

By showing up consistently, you are building trust with your target audience. If you run out of content, consider repurposing old content like blogs.

Similar to Pinterest marketing and other forms of digital marketing, provide quality videos over quantity. We aren't talking about high def videos, we are talkin' quality content...add value, not noise.

Stop "selling".

Ever get annoyed by people adding you to their email list when you didn't opt-in? The worst is when they spam you in a group text and others in the group text that you don't know start responding back and forth.

What about when people invite you to like their Facebook business page when you have no idea what their business is about? Or when they add you to their Facebook group?

Even when business owners are serving first, the ulterior motive seethes through when they are inauthentic.

Ready to market your products or services on TikTok?

Let's collab! You can find us on any social media platform @NotABondGirl.