Things I Wish I Knew: A Lookback at My Professional Life over the Past 20 Years

Things I Wish I Knew: A Lookback at My Professional Life over the Past 20 Years

Over the past 20 years, it's been quite the roller coaster with my career path...good, bad and FUGLY.

A few years ago, I resigned from the corporate world. A month later, I sold my home, gave everything else away and moved across the country.

Since then, I haven't looked back. Until now that is! But only to reflect on the past 20 years of my professional life and share the lessons learned.

So here goes...

For almost a decade, I lived and worked overseas which was a blast.

I did meaningful work, made lifelong friendships, and got to see the world. Not bad for a girl who grew up on a farm in Hawaii aye?!

But it was very tough on my physical and mental health, especially in Africa and Asia. Trust me, the jet setting lifestyle is not all that glamorous.

The office politics and "old boys club" culture eventually led me to resign on the spot one day.

Things I Wish I Knew: A Lookback at My Professional Life over the Past 20 Years

So I was unemployed for a few months.

I realized how hard it was to find a job when I didn't know what I wanted to do. And that was hard to figure out when I had zero mental bandwidth left.

I had my yoga teacher certification RYT200 at the time so I taught a few classes at the hospital. They kept having me teach prenatal classes which was ironic since I've never been preggers.

Then a few months later, my boyfriend at that time and former colleagues/friends told me I was promoted at my former company. I don't know if my asshole boss felt bad about being an asshole or if it was his way of saying F.U. to me for resigning.

Probably the latter but let's just go with I deserved the promotion since his superiors were on the promotion panel.

Either way, I had a mortgage to pay and was getting anxious.

Things I Wish I Knew: A Lookback at My Professional Life over the Past 20 Years

In a nutshell, I went back to work there for almost two years under the condition that I could work for a different department.

So I stayed in Washington DC and eventually pivoted to the private sector. My division of that company got bought out by venture capitalists which allowed me to pay off my mortgage and retire for life in 2018.

Yet that was one of the lowest points in my personal life. Between family health scares to dealing with a UTI in Spain to a breakup.

Talking about spinning my wheels. It was like FML everyday month after month. I probably should have seen a mental health professional but somehow I was able to work through the darkness eventually.

Then, I decided to sell my condo and give everything away.

I left all my furniture and my business suits were still hanging in my closet. I only shipped my car to California. This Hawaii girl was done with East Coast winters.

I took the time off to reset. Overall, life is good right now. It took some time, but now I can genuinely say I love San Diego.

I'm starting to work on different projects just to have a sense of purpose again. This includes Pinterest content creation to working on self driving vehicles.

Looking back, those high and low points of life were merely stepping stones. After all, life's about the journey, not the destination right?

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