Template: Pinterest Monthly Report

Template: Pinterest Monthly Report

At the end of each month, I provide a report for clients to cover growth rate, pin insights, and more. It takes less than an hour to fill out.

Understanding Pinterest stats and Google analytics can be challenging. If it's tricky for Pinterest managers, imagine how clients must feel!

Save yourself hours of trying to figure out what to report. Simplify all the analytics with this template of my standard Pinterest Monthly Report.

Access the Pinterest Monthly Report template here!

Template: Pinterest Monthly Report

Sample Pinterest Monthly Report

Not A Bond Girl

Pinterest Monthly Report: October 2019

Pinterest Business Account:


Growth rate:

Insert screenshot of Pinterest analytics chart covering growth over the past 30 days.

Sort chart by LINK clicks. For ex.

Template: Pinterest Monthly Report

Top 3 Pins driving CLICKS:

Insert screenshot of Pinterest analytics chart of top 3 Pins by Clicks.

Template: Pinterest Monthly Report

Option: List titles of top 3 pins. Then link to Pinterest Pin URL.

Top 3 Pins driving REPINS:

Insert screenshot of Pinterest analytics chart of top 3 Pins by REPINS.

Option: List titles of top 3 pins. Then link to Pinterest Pin URL.

Next 30-Day Goals:

Example objectives

  • Continue to optimize increase organic reach and collect data on leads for book launch circa March 2020

  • Continue to leverage current blogs and website content to build brand awareness and drive quality traffic to increase lead conversion via nurture sequence

Target Market Insights:

Example insights

The ideal customer avatar (ICA) is struggling with imposter syndrome in the following areas:

  • Career

  • Business

  • Relationships (friends + family)

The ICA has little time for self-care. She is interested in time management and time saving tips to incorporate self-care into her busy lifestyle.

The ICA has social anxiety when trying to set boundaries in her workplace. She also struggles with setting healthy boundaries with her family and friends.

Marketing Strategy Recommendations:

Example 30-day recommendations

  • Create 60 pins and infographics directing traffic to the following blogs and web pages:

Top 5 Pinterest Strategies for Business Marketing

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide for Businesses


  • Upload recent YouTube videos onto relevant boards

  • Tailwind Smartloop: Add top 10 performing pins to...

30/60/90 Timeline:

Example timeline

Next 30 Days: On schedule

Create graphics for blogs and web pages

Upload and pre-sched on Tailwind + Pinterest

AB test pins/infographics

Next 60 Days: etc.

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