Tarot Card Reflection: Justice and Corporate Bullies

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The card of the week is the Justice tarot card. And what a timely card to reflect upon! The Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. Justice is the sword that cuts through a situation, and will not be swayed by outer beauty when deciding what is fair and just. Here's how the energy of the Justice card applies to various life situations...

Corporate Bully: Spectrum

Most people I know have a horror story to share when it comes to dealing with internet service provides and cell companies. Whether it's being nickle and dimed or poor customer service, dealing with corporate bullies is a nightmare.

Dealing with corporate bullies in the midst of a move during quarantine is a bigger nightmare. It's stressful enough to have to move by myself in the middle of quarantine. There's enough to have to juggle and coordinate. These random charges should have been incurred.

I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemies.

My most recent experience was with Spectrum. Most recently, Spectrum tripled charged me for internet service. I transferred service to my new apartment and they double charged me for the old and new apartment...even though they had cancelled service to my old address a day early.

In addition, they charged me to installation equipment which I did not need and did not request. After almost four hours on the phone with customer service, I gave up and just paid the extra $90.

I figured how how Spectrum makes money.

When the customer service representatives aren't sure how to reconcile an inaccurate charge, they will transfer my call to another rep. And that rep will transfer me to another and so that can add up to a lot of hours listening to their call waiting music and me repeating my reasons for calling.

After dealing with poor customer service in the midst of moving, I had to put my time and energy elsewhere. So I gave up and paid all the charges. I didn't have any bandwidth left to continue disputing the charges.

How does the Justice tarot card apply?

The Justice card is about truth and fairness. I'm called to account for my actions and will be judged accordingly.

I've written a few reviews detailing my Spectrum experience. I tried my best to dispute the inaccurate charges and now it's just time to leave it to the Universe.

I believe I've acted in alignment with my Higher Self and for the greatest good of all involved. Most importantly, I stand by my decisions 100%. Knowing this gives me peace of mind even if I'm never credited for those charges.