Top 3 Tips to Be a Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As spiritual entrepreneur and being raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve a thing or two about how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Sure, there isn’t a one solution fits all strategy. But there are helpful tips that can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run!

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m a certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and have been running Not A Bond Girl for quite some time. Over the years, I helped hundred of busy women (with busier minds) achieve health and wealth.

Here are my top 3 tips I would tell myself when I was just starting off in my business.

1. Embrace the hateration.

Regardless of the industry, there’s always going to be haters out there, especially in the spiritual wellness industry. I’m not saying to accept haters.

“Accepting” haters makes dealing with haters a permanent situation. “Embracing” haters is more of a going with the flow attitude where you have the choice to not let the hateration get to you.

Because here’s the reality. It’s not easy to always take the high road as a spiritual leader. Since haters exist everywhere, sometimes I end up blocking trolls on FaceBook if comments inappropriate. And the same goes for other social media platforms.

You know your limits and you can always shift your perspective if you choose. When it comes to those judgmental comments, remember, it’s not personal. How people treat others is a reflection of themselves. Instead of being reactive, turn those negative vibes into positive fuel!

Hurt people hurt people.

There’s no need to “shield” from negative energy either. Sometimes the bad has to come along with the good. When we block out everyone, we block out the good and the bad.

Even the most challenging person in your life has good in him or her. Yes, it’s not easy to see but it’s in there!

True power comes from embracing the truth that nothing can attack your light. This includes your core values, integrity, intuition, and all the great things that make you, you!

So whenever I catch myself holding on to the victim mentality, I remind myself that there is no benefit to being on the defensive. Instead, I set energetic boundaries to detach from the negativity.

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2. Embrace failure.

At the risk of focusing on the negative, embracing failure is important to run a successful business, (spiritual or not, online or not). So if you made a number of mistakes, know you are not alone.

Numerous entrepreneurs fail big time before becoming successful.

Whether it be running a business into bankruptcy, getting fired from a job, and even going to jail, many successful entrepreneurs faced huge failures before ever accomplishing their dreams. If fact, very few entrepreneurs ever make it big without first experiencing some massive failures.

Failure is simply a part of an evolving business that adjusts with the market needs. When you take the lessons learned from the failure and apply it to your next move, that’s when magic happens. Thus, giving up is the only sure way to fail.

Sometimes I find myself in a game of trial and error when it comes to introducing new courses or services. Most times, I don’t hit the nail on the head on the first try, but the key is to be resilient. In fact, you can use failure to increase your wealth.

Studies have shown that one of the drivers for a successful business is having commitment. It’s important to stay the course and stick with a chosen path despite mistakes along the way.

The key is to have the willingness to adjust, but not be constantly adjusting. Another critical factor is having the patience and persistence due to the timing mismatch of expectations and reality after a failure.

Highly sensitive to failures? No worries, fellow empath! Here are my best tips to help you bounce right back: Empath's Guide to Entrepreneurship.

3. Embrace continued learning.

Being a successful spiritual entrepreneur requires a mindset open to lifelong learning. As doctors and other certified professional need to complete re-certifications and keep up to date with new technology, the same goes for entrepreneurs.

After receiving my yoga teacher and Reiki Masters certification, I felt like my spiritual journey was just beginning. I felt called to learn about different yoga styles and different types of holistic healing practices. I continue to attend holistic wellness workshops and still keep in touch with my mentors.

All in all, spiritual entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey of personal growth. There’s just so much to learn and put into practice. It’s one thing to understand techniques and principles. But it’s another to apply it to day-to-day life.

Having a personal spiritual library is key for spiritual development. This can include blogs, podcasts, books, videos, and other sources of information that inspires you. Here are the current inspiration blogs, podcasts, and books in my library.

The more you are able to raise your vibrations in the frequency of joy, the more opportunities for spiritual growth will come along.

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