Social Media Cheat Sheet to Build a Genuine Following

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Social Media Cheat Sheet to Build a Genuine Following

Social media marketing is the key to successful marketing in today's business world. Bloggers and entrepreneurs who have a solid presence in the digital space are more likely to thrive, regardless of their niche.

Many businesses use social media marketing to drive conversions on their website and ultimately increase sales. Not sure which social media platform to focus on? Or even where to start for your blog or biz?

I put together a checklist for some of the most frequently used social media platforms around. So whichever one you choose to market your content, hopefully I got you covered.

As social media algorithms frequently change, I will do my best to continuously update the following list with the latest tips.

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  • Create 5-10 boards on your popular blog topics using keywords

  • Pin at least 5 pins from your smart feed to your boards

  • Test out different pins for your best blog posts

  • Use keywords in board and image descriptions

  • Start a group board to engage with your target audience

  • Use relevant hashtags in description when uploading new pins

  • Don’t give up! It takes time to rank for SEO. So be consistent!


  • Include tagline in bio

  • Use the + to save space and break up the text

  • Break up lengthy bio line for easier readability, consider bullet points

  • Use hashtags between 500K-1 million range

  • Intersperse with hashtags around 100K range

  • Use less hashtag that are over 5+million as those posts tend to get buried

  • 3 second videos tend do better than 5+ second videos

  • Follow micro-influencers in your profession and target market to engage

  • Collaborate with micro-influencers to be featured/reposted

  • For local clients, for instance a professional photographer based in Hawaii, follow local hastags like #hawaiiphotographer to see local photographers feed, view their followers, consider using their hashtags

  • Find and engage with local online entrepreneurs in your area to collaborate

  • Share your behind the scene story in posts to boost showing up in feeds

Social Media Cheat Sheet to Build a Genuine Following

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  • 10 seconds or less videos on weekly tips to build your credibility

  • Follow and comment on other business pages in your niche

  • Upload videos directly, don't use social media planners as FB tends to hide posts from feeds when automation is used

  • Pre-schedule weekly personal branding images, quotes, tips directly using FB's scheduler

  • Join groups in your industry to network to engage and build your credibility with tips

  • Join local-based groups to network and mastermind strategies


  • Bio: 1-2 lines only; include your website

  • Include portfolio in resume section

  • Join groups/networks in your industry and niche

  • Request to connect with other members in your market using an brief personalized message:

Hi {Name},

Hope this message finds you well. I’m a digital marketer with 10 years of experience. I’d love to chat about whether my background might be a fit for your business. I’d also be happy to connect you with other professionals who may be able to benefit from your service/product.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet to Build a Genuine Following