SDVoyager Magazine Interview: Pinfinite Marketing

SDVoyager Magazine Interview: Pinfinite Marketing

Recently, Pinfinite Marketing was featured on SD Voyager Magazine, an online magazine covering San Diego entrepreneurs, creatives and community leaders.

My startup story includes why I decided to leave Corporate, sell my condo, move across country and how I came to helping other businesses market on Pinterest.

Most of my clients don't know that for almost 10 years, I was a US diplomat in the foreign service. While I enjoyed living all over the world and meeting a lot of great people, I burned out.

I couldn’t stand another day of office politics. Also, as glamorous as the jet setter lifestyle seemed, it was just not sustainable. I was getting sick all the time, not sleeping and developed high anxiety. Read the full article here!

While still working in the public sector in Washington, DC, I decided to get my yoga teacher training certification. During training, I blogged about work-life and mental wellness. I started creating pins and infographics on Pinterest to share my content. Within a few months, I reached over 1.5 million monthly views on my website!

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I told several business owners about my results and share my strategies to help them increase website traffic too. But I didn’t think Pinterest marketing would be a business...

SDVoyager Magazine Interview: Pinfinite Marketing

Some story highlights include the following questions:

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade? 1. During quarantine, Pinterest user engagement was at an all-time high around the world. There are over 350 million users worldwide and it continues to attract millennials to Gen X-ers.

2. Unlike posts on other social media sites, Pinterest pins can show up in a users feed YEARS after posting. For instance, Facebook posts only have about a 90 minute half-life at best. For Pinterest pins, it’s 3.5 months. That’s 1680 times longer than a Facebook post.

3. Men are the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest. In the UK, it’s 50% male users...

Read the full article here! Has it been a smooth road?

1. Dealing with rejection has become the norm!

Most businesses think that Pinterest is for only women and discount marketing on the platform altogether. I learned to start off explaining that Pinterest is best used as a search engine, not a social media platform.

2. Taking scary leaps of faith has become the norm!

From resigning without much of a Plan B to moving across the country to go into Pinterest marketing, it’s been a WILD emotional roller coaster ride...

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How did you get started?

Since 2016, I have been helping businesses reach their target audience on Pinterest. I love helping businesses market their products and services by leveraging Pinterest for search engine optimization (SEO)... Read the full article here!

SDVoyager Magazine Interview: Pinfinite Marketing