Reiki: How to Use the Cho Ku Rei Symbol

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

When is it appropriate to use the Cho Ku Rei symbol? Cho Ku Rei is commonly known as the power symbol. It is one of the most popular symbols in used in the art of Reiki.

Cho ku Rei is not only used in Usui Reiki but also in other styles of Reiki as well. The main function of the symbol is to provide power, protection and prosperity.

First, what is a Reiki symbol?

Reiki symbols have been used for centuries to convey messages and when used by large groups, can hold a specific vibration. Although practitioners can effectively utilize Reiki energy without the use of the symbols, the symbols help to amplify the energy during a session.

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Different types of symbols are associated with a unique set of beliefs regarding the nature of their symbolic forms. Reiki symbols are a part of a group of symbols that enable you to connect with and harness energy. The symbol itself does not possess any power of its own but is used to access the power.

Do you have to be a Reiki Master to use the Cho Ku Rei symbol?

The Reiki symbols facilitate a connection with different aspects of Reiki energy. There are many different ways to draw a particular Reiki symbol, but they are all equally effective in connecting with Reiki.

Like being attuned to Reiki, once a student has been attuned to the Reiki symbols, they will be connected at a conscious and subconscious level to those symbols for life.

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Rather than getting caught up with the most effective variation of a symbol, it is better to focus on the intention and purpose of the symbol.

The Reiki symbols represent aspects of healing and enlightenment. When someone who has received the Reiki attunements visualizes, draws or intones the names of any of the symbols, it can help them to connect with Reiki energy and activate the function and specific purpose the symbol represents.

Your intention matters.

The distance attunements activate the ability to work with different levels of Reiki through intention. Although intention alone can activate the power connected with the symbols, it’s best to understand the meanings of each symbol.

It is not necessary to completely understand the meanings of the symbols before using them.

But, a basic understanding will enrich your experience when using them. The symbols are reminders that there are ways to focus on different aspects of the Reiki energy when used correctly in our Reiki practice.

Reiki is a lifelong learning process.

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Cho Ku Rei (CKR), pronounced cho-koo-ray, means “placing all the power of the universe here.” It is the power symbol and considered an amplifier. This symbol is sometimes referred to as the “light switch” because it powers on and activates the other symbols.

CHO – To remove illusion in order to see the truth.

KU – Penetrating, like a sword slicing through.

REI – Universal and present everywhere.

Many Reiki practitioners begin a Reiki treatment by activating Cho Ku Rei.

Doing so helps the practitioner harness the power of the symbol by turning on the “switch” to activate the healing energy in the Reiki practitioner.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol can be drawn in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. In Usui Reiki, a counterclockwise Cho Ku Rei symbol is commonly used for the amplification of power in a situation.

Regardless of the way it is drawn, setting the intention is key. Reiki energy works for the highest good of the person and situation. The healing energy will flow to where it is most needed.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol cuts through and releases resistance. The esoteric meaning of the symbol is dis-creation, illness and disease are creations being constantly recreated. The Cho Ku Rei symbol can help to unravel these progressions.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol ‘turns on’ the second degree energy. Without this symbol, the practitioner is still channelling only first degree energy. It can be used alone or as an activator for all the other symbols. Reiki’s infinite wisdom will bring about whatever is needed.

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Use the Cho Ku Rei Symbol For:

  • Activating other symbols

  • Protection

  • Cleansing

  • Balance

  • Food, drink, plant, animal, etc.

  • Career (under desk, telephone, computer, etc)

  • Home (under doormat, pictures, cup boards, etc)

When using the symbol, you can silently intone the words Cho Ku Rei. You can draw it in the palm of your hands before a session.

You can also draw or visualize the symbols on all the walls, ceiling and floor with the intent to create positive energy flow in a room.

If you have a difficult situation, you may find it helpful to write the problem down on a piece of paper. Then, draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol over the top of the writing.

You can also use the symbol to close a space around the recipient with the intention of sealing the healing process. The Cho Ku Rei symbol can be used to spiritually clean a room from negative energy, to leave it in light and make it a holy place.

There is no single way to harness the power of the symbol. You can get creative and do what works best for you. Setting the intention for the highest good of the person and situation is key!

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