Reiki + Celebrities in Mainstream Media

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Seeing more articles and videos about holistic practices in mainstream media? Are you hearing more about Reiki, meditation, and mindfulness on the news?

Celebrity health expert Dr. Oz suggests Reiki to many clients who are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Oz stated: “It broadens dramatically the spectrum of where we might be able to go in our bodies.”

The list of Hollywood stars who have found excellent results with Reiki include:

Halle Berry, Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone, Naomi Watts, Angelina Jolie.

Celeb or not, incorporating energy healing into your busy lifestyle helps to clear stubborn blocks getting in the way of raising your vibrational frequency to achieve mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

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Although such forms of holistic practices have been around for centuries, Reiki and other forms of energy healing are become more widespread across the globe.

I always enjoy reading about various styles and perspectives on holistic healing. Some have a skeptical view and others have a more “woo-woo” approach.

At the same time, there are so many that are starting to swear by energy work in resolving mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Here’s an overview of some recent articles and videos covering these energy healing practices in the mainstream media.

Vanity Fair: “Why Reiki, Crystals, and Flower Essences are Going Mainstream” by Michelle Ruiz

“Welcome to the new New Age, in which the plugged-in, stressed-out masses of the digital era are embracing once-taboo holistic healing methods in pursuit of a much-needed moment of zen...Once more, niche modalities like Reiki are gaining ground.”

Read the full article here…

The Drs: “Ancient Healing Treatment Makes a Comeback”

This video shows OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson demonstrating Reiki healing on the popular daytime TV show, The Drs. Dr. Masterson demonstrates how she practices this type of holistic energy healing on ER physician Travis Stork.

Watch the video here…

Newsweek: “The Healing Power of Reiki” by Trevor Courneen

“Whether Reiki is right for you is a personal choice. Given that the cynical are less likely to experience the full benefits of the healing energy at the center of the practice, perhaps it’s best for those who doubt to stick with their prescriptions, or to ask their physician if there’s any treatment that can help to remedy a closed mind…”

Read the full article here...

Reiki has many benefits for the mind, body and spirit. But it may not be everyone’s cup of tea!

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If you are feeling anxious, restless and tired from living a busy lifestyle, you probably already know you need to take care of yourself before burn out.

Your mind, body and spiritual wellness is priceless.

The time and energy wasted not living a high-vibrational lifestyle can’t be bought back.

But can Reiki help you raise your vibrational frequency?

First, let’s use the example of my first and last visit to the acupuncturist to help with my allergy symptoms. It has helped so many people alleviate their sinus pressure, watery eyes, and so forth.

But I couldn’t get over having the needles in me. So needless to say, acupuncture was somewhat uncomfortable and I was too distracted to feel any benefits.

Similarly, when it comes to Reiki, each individual’s body is different.

Some may notice physical sensations such as feeling tingling or changes in temperature. Others may see colors, feel light or heavy within the body, feel sleepy, or just relaxed.

Many feel overall sense of clarity, grounding and healing.

They may even feel a greater sense of mind, body and spiritual wellness after one Reiki session. Regardless of the physical response, Reiki energy helps to clear the chakras so the individual vibrates at a higher vibrational frequency.

Others may not feel any sensations, which is completely normal.

Shift happens and it does not need to be accompanied by bells, whistles and flashing lights. Reiki energy can be a powerful healing modality in supporting the recipient on all levels.

Ultimately, Reiki will only be channeled for a person’s highest good.

After a Reiki session, many people feel a sense of mental, physical, emotional, and energetic wellness. They feel less stress, reduced anxious thoughts, and more energized.

Some feel no shifts at all and that’s normal too!

All benefits are the same regardless of the individual's reaction. Reiki energy clears the chakras for each individuals’ highest good.

As Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body, it helps change negative conditioning and behavior. Some common observations by recipients include:

feelings of contentment, decreased feelings of stress, fear and anxiety, reduction and in some cases elimination of physical illnesses.

In today’s nonstop world, Reiki healing brings a sense of grounding into an individual’s busy lifestyle.

Thus, you can achieve mind, body, and spiritual wellness….even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

The positive healing energy can be channeled to support your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health.

More people around the world are beginning to pursue Reiki also for their finances, relationships, careers, and other areas of life.

Reiki helps to raise your vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to be in your life. It helps you to be energetically aligned with your goals.

According to the law of attraction, you are able to attract what you want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, you allow the universe to deliver your goals to you.

By holding positive energy, you attract positive results. Reiki energy works with the law of attraction to help you raise your vibrations to attract what you want into your life.

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