How to Receive Intuitive Hits While You Sleep

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Receiving intuitive hits can happen when we are in the shower, reading a book, and just about anywhere at anytime. One of the most common ways to tap into our intuition is while we sleep.

Having a good night rest allows us to not only recharge, but also manifest our goals. If you are like me, I rarely remember my dreams. Especially when something is on my mind, I'm tossing and turning throughout the night.

Not too long ago, I used to have many sleepless nights. I was either mulling over my life purpose or getting worked up about the daily drama of office politics.

I felt so restless because I was exhausted from ruminating all day long. Then when it came time for bed, I couldn't sleep for more than two hours!

The cycle continued until I learned a few simple techniques from my spiritual mentors. With consistent practice, I was able to receive intuitive hits each night.

If you are wondering how to tell the difference between your intuition and anxious thoughts, you're not alone. It can be especially tough to hear what our intuition when trying to navigate through stressful times. Here are my top tips to filter out my intuition from plain ol' crazy talk.

How do we receive intuitive hits while asleep?

As you may already know, in our dream state, we can receive intuitive hits. It’s those AHA! moments to seem to come out of nowhere.

During our dream state, our mind processes our thoughts, emotions, and just about everything else. The intuitive hits tend to surface when our busy mind takes a break from the processing. That’s when we can tap into our subconscious.

Below are a few simple steps to help you intuitively gain clarity to your most challenging frustrations. That's right, get answers while you sleep!

Practice these techniques for at least two weeks. Doing so for two consecutive weeks allows you enough time to work through the dreams, especially if you are new to developing your intuition.

1. Drink half a glass of water before bed.

Water is an amplifier which keeps our energy flowing.

2. Ask a question that you would like to seek clarity on.

Note that asking more than one question will get confusing and actually gets in the way of obtaining faster results. So ask only one question at a time! For instance, “what do I need to know in order to transition to a new career?”

3. Upon waking up, drink the other half glass of water.

Once again, this is to help with energy flow.

4. Immediately write down any dreams that you may have had during the night.

Pay attention to any signs and symbols. This include numbers, animals, or anything that may have significance to you.

If you came across some numbers during your dream, it may be helpful to refer to “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue to understand what the numbers represent.

If you came across animals, it may be helpful to refer to “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews to understand what the animals symbolize.

If you do not recall your dreams, journal anyway. Using your dominant hand, write down your question that you are seeking clarity on and any concerns.

Then write down a response with your non-dominant hand. Let the thoughts flow freely as your write. Pay attention to any thoughts that come to mind until you fill at least three pages.

Can't seem to get to that dream state?

No need to get out of bed to read a book or scroll through social media until you fall asleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or wake up throughout the night, bring your focus to your breath.

Begin to slowly deepen your breath. Inhale through your nose for a count of two. Hold your breath for a count of four. Exhale through your nose for a count of eight. Repeat for five breaths.

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Which of your intuitive senses is dominant?

We all are naturally born with intuitive senses (clairs). Some people are just with the gift of heightened senses....mediums, psychics, and so forth.

Now, we aren’t talking about the five main physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Clairs are senses that help us connect with spirit, higher self, Universe, and so forth.

These senses are types of psychic abilities that correspond with the five physical senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

There are a ton of books, YouTube videos, and articles providing tips on how to develop an individual’s intuitive abilities. Journaling and mediating are also going to help you develop all your intuitive abilities as well.

I’m not an expert on clairs so I did a little research and took a page from psychic medium Rebecca Rosen. In a popular Oprah article, she explained the five clair senses and how to develop them.

Basically, we have one or two dominant intuitive senses as we are all energetically connect in a unique way. Like radio waves, intuitive insights are constantly being broadcast around us. It's just a matter of learning how to tune in to it using the senses.

To help determine what your dominant clair, notice if any of the following descriptions resonate most with you? Are you more of a visual person? Do you typically make decisions based on your gut feeling? Are you a great audio learner?

Claircognizance: clear knowing

Ever had a premonition? Claircognizance is when you have knowledge of people or events that you would not normally have knowledge about.

Truths simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. An example of this would be a forewarning of something that will happen in the future.

According to Rosen, “many philosophers, professors, doctors, scientists, religious and spiritual leaders and powerful sales and business leaders tend to be highly intuitive and seem to just know the facts with a sense of certainty.” If this resonates with you, claircognizance just may be one of your dominant senses.

Clairvoyance: clear seeing

Like a daydream, visions flash through the third eye chakra. This could be past, present and future visions. Those who are highly visual are able to better understand an idea when they see it as an image on paper.

People with clairvoyance as their dominant sense may to see colors of auras (energetic fields) as well. If this resonates with you, your clairvoyance is most likely a dominant sense.

Clairsentience: clear feeling

Empaths, listen up. You may be clairsentient without consciously being aware of it. No worries, I’m with you! Ever get a strong "gut" feeling about someone or get the "chills" for no apparent reason? You just might be sensing the emotional energy of someone else or the energy surrounding you.

When we are highly sensitive and are in tune with not only our own feelings, but also the feelings of others, this makes us natural healers and caregivers.

We often feel inspired to pursue careers as doctors, counselors, and teachers. If this “feels” like you, clairsentience is at the top of your senses list. *high five*

Clairaudience: clear hearing

Those who hear words, sounds or music at “coincidental” timings. Audio learners (not me!) best retain and comprehend information when they hear it spoken aloud. If this resonates with you, your natural talents tend to lie in your auditory faculties.

Those with clairaudience as a dominant sense may be gifted musicians, singers, writers and public speakers. If this “sounds” right to you, clairaudience may be a leading sense for you.

Clairalience: clear smelling

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is clairalience yet but it would be very cool to meet someone who is one day! Clairalience is smelling odors that don't have any kind of physical source.

For instance, smelling the perfume or the cigarette smoke of a deceased relative is typically a sign of their presence. Those with a this distinct sense of smell may find that certain smells connect us to past memories.

Clairgustance: clear tasting

Ever get a random taste in your mouth but haven’t eaten in a few hours? Clairgustance is the ability to taste something that isn't actually there.

According to Rosen, this experience often comes from “out of the blue when a deceased loved one is attempting to communicate a memory or association we have with a particular food or beverage that reminds us of them.”

Those with a heightened sense of taste would naturally make great chefs, bakers or food critics.

Tap into your intuition to create more positive energy flow into your life. Be sure to check out the recommended books below!

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