10 Ways to Realign With Your Soul Purpose

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Feeling out of alignment with your soul purpose? Perhaps you are ready to change careers but just not sure what the next steps should be. Perhaps you are unemployed and going through some soul searching. No worries, I've been there and it wasn't too long ago too! Here's what I learned along that Eat, Pray and Love journey...

Time for soul searching is priceless and necessary.

There are many ways to make these times of soul searching extremely productive. In fact, using this period to realign the soul can help to establish a foundation for a solid career path moving forward.

Over the years, I learned that it was during these “rest stops” in life that allow me to springboard forward. But the forward momentum only happened when I allow myself to catch my breath during these stops. Let me share my top 10 ways I ate, prayed and loved to a new career path.

I’ve had a busy life and busier mind for as long as I can remember.

As a “workaholic”, I (ironically) found it difficult to recharge my batteries during the few times in my life that I was unemployed. Nevertheless, I was LESS anxious being unemployed than working in a job that I was dreaded going into every day.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, there was always work to be done to help out on the family farm. Every day of the week, to include birthdays, holidays, and so forth, I helped out with grading vegetables, delivering produce, filing bank statements, writing invoices, and so forth.

So with such a go-go-go upbringing, you can see why it’s so hard to simply “eat, pray and love” even when I could afford to do so during unemployment. But by healing first, I was only then able to springboard my professional life. I was able to get back on my soul path which allowed my career path to meet me.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are 10 ways that helped me catch my breath and reset.

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1. Mindset:

During moments of panic, I asked myself, “What is the worst that could happen?” Selling my car? Then my condo? Living on a friend’s couch? Moving back home? Not ideal but also not the end of the world.

Once I put things in perspective, I knew that I was going to be more than ok. There were numerous options that I could take before I reached the worst case scenario. Not all options required me to get a job either. I could Air B&B my condo, Uber my car, and so forth.

Bottom line: Panicking was not going to help me get a job, run my business, let alone heal my soul. Thus, it was time to shift my energy to focus on aligning with my soul purpose.

2. Minimalize:

I’m am obsessive minimalist by nature. For most of my life, I grew up in a borderline working class family...but pretty much poor.

It wasn’t until college that my parents eventually made enough to be in the middle class income bracket. So I was able to experience going from poor, to working class, to middle class lifestyles.

Regardless of the income level, what stuck most with me was learning to value only things that can’t be taken away. And that’s how I spend my money accordingly.

3. Budget:

There’s no need to start worrying about the worst case scenario immediately. When I realized I was wasting a lot of energy planning for the worst case scenario, I shifted my focus to setting a realistic budget first.

In order to reduce energy wasted on anxious thoughts, I got clear on my savings and spending. This made it easier to stick to a realistic financial plan.

I got clear on how much savings I was willing to tap into before taking actions towards the worst case scenario. I also started spending more mindfully and getting my other financial ducks in a row. Doing so led me to write about my journey to financial freedom on this website!

4. Meditate:

Ironically, most times I don’t receive messages during my morning and evening meditations. I receive messages throughout the day through signs, symbols and synchronicities. The point of meditating in the morning and evenings is to prep my mind for stillness. The busier the mind, the harder it is to listen to my intuition.

Remember, meditating doesn’t mean sitting for hours on end trying to make the mind go blank. Walking meditations are just as effective. Some people find baking or painting to be meditative. Whatever brings stillness to the mind. In fact, 64 seconds of holding a positive can make all the difference in manifesting breakthroughs!

5. Podcasts:

With more time on my hands, the “inner debating committee” got louder. At any given moment, I could be over the moon that I didn’t have to pack my lunch for work on Sunday night. Then the next minute, I’d be anxious about not having enough savings to live off of.

I learned to fill my “inside voices” with inspiring stories and motivational tips by listening to podcasts. Listening to business leaders live through my worst case scenario in order to come out on top made me realize the importance of the law of detachment.

In fact, even if I wasn’t paying close attention, having the podcasts episodes play in the background helped to quiet my monkey mind. New to podcasts? Not sure where to start? Check out some of my fav personal finance podcasts here!

6. Journal:

Over the years, through journaling, I learned to better manage my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Being able to strike that balance has done wonders for my personal and professional life.

When it come to emotional and energetic release, our physical bodies do so by sweating it out, crying it out, writing it out, and even singing (activates the throat chakra for those who have blocks communicating).

When I need to release, I let go of any self-judgement. I don’t pay attention to spelling errors or grammar. I just write and write. I’ve filled a 500-page journal in 3-weeks writing and rewriting letters to people that I had a hard time forgiving…never sent the letters but I got the festered emotions out! And hey, I was sure to recycle all pages!

7. Productive activities:

Staying productive not only helped to calm the busy mind, but also practice being more intentional about my time. I wasn’t about doing tasks just to keep busy and tire me out.

I chose activities that felt productive in the sense that it enhanced my daily living. This included cleaning out my closet for donations to polishing my resume.

I also took on tasks that I didn’t usually do in order to change up my routine. Changing up my daily routine helps to expand my vibrational frequency.

8. Joy:

Sure, it’s not easy to have high-vibe thoughts 100% of the day. But so long as I was able to be in the frequency of joy for 51% of the day, I noticed progress.

I started with something small such as making the choice to treat myself to a long hot shower. I also gave myself permission to pig out on ice cream in front of the T.V. without judging yourself the rest of the evening.

Eventually, once I got over feeling sorry for myself, I took on more and more joyful activities. Each day I fell more in love with blogging about the spiritual lessons learned from being unemployed!

9. Connect:

Per the Jim Rohn quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So simple, yet so true!

I took an inventory of my personal and professional relationships as it there was some much cleaning up needed. It’s natural to grow out of certain relationships and sometimes both parties are better off taking a break. I didn’t necessarily cut ties cold turkey with certain individuals, but I knew it was time to draw some energetic boundaries.

10. Energy healing activities:

Healing my soul and raising my vibrations was probably the most important yet most overlooked factor on my Eat, Pray and Love journey. Who would've thought?!

With small but consistent practice, I incorporated positive visualizations in my meditation and even yoga practice. I wrote down my intention for healing, to include specific steps.

All in all, the key to moving forward was to be in alignment with the vibrational frequency of where I wanted to be in life. Incorporating energetic self-care into my routine made all the difference in clearing stubborn blocks getting in the way of raising my frequency to achieve overall wellness.

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10 Ways to Realign With Your Soul Purpose; realign with soul purpose. soul alignment, align with calling, align career and soul path