Pinterest Promoted Pins: Is It Worth Spending Your Money?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Pinterest Promoted Pins: Is It Worth Spending Your Money?

Starting to see more and more promoted pins in your Pinterest feed? As an entrepreneur, are you wondering if promoting your pins will give your biz a high ROI?

In April 2019, Pinterest IPO soared over 50% above the initial pricing midpoint. The company was on pace for a $1 billion revenue target.

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Yet, you didn't have to buy Pinterest (PIN) stock to make money off it. As the number of Pinterest users grow, many businesses, to include solopreneurs to influencers, are promoting their pins to market their products and services.

Some say doing so has provided a higher ROI than spending on FB ads. So could be worth spending your money to promote pins by right for your blog or business?

How can promoted pins can help your organic reach.

Pinterest is about 3 years behind FB ads in terms of data and insights on users' demographics. That being said, the data collected from promoted pins is priceless.

Data and insights on your target audiences' demographics is just the tip of the iceberg. Promoted pins offer key word suggestions based on the data collected on users clicking on your promoted pin.

The key words can then be applied to organic pins which helps to improve the reach of non-promoted pins. And as for SEO strategy, that's where enormous improvements can happen when key words are adjusted accordingly.

What are some initial challenges with promoting pins?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge for new advertisers is to get 50 conversions attributed to traffic campaign before you unlock the conversion campaigns.

Traffic campaigns does not convert well.  

Traffic campaigns are still converting for many users. The algorithm for traffic is still more mature than for conversions.

So, if you have more time and money to invest, then conversion campaigns are where it’s at if that’s your objective.

You do need 50 attributions in a week for that specific event type to be eligible. They are a slower burn to get started and $5/day won’t cut it. 

If you are new to promoted pins and want to keep your budget small right now, start with traffic.

Pinterest Promoted Pins: Is It Worth Spending Your Money?

Make sure your Pinterest Tag and event codes are installed.

A few tips if you are on a low budget and how to get to the Conversion campaigns. 

  • upload your existing customers and run retargeting

  • upload cart abandoners if you have their emails

  • create Actalike and combine them with Keywords

  • install Pinterest Tag

  • use UTM parameters and check post-click conversion by adgroup

Pinterest Search Campaign: Why is using dynamic parameter important?

You can use dynamic parameter (token) to pass keywords you are bidding on from Pinterest to your Google Analytics account.

When you look at the post-click metrics for each keyword, you can analyze and start building your negative keyword list.

1) Use UTM tags

2) Use token {keyword} for Campaign Term (utm_term) -- &utm_term={keyword}

3) Wait for data

4) Open GA > Acqusition > All Traffic > Source/Medium

5) Click "Secondary Dimension"

6) Find and Select option "Keyword"

Building a negative keyword list is very important and one of the most efficient way to optimize a negative ROI campaign. It's similar to Google Search or Shopping campaigns.

It's helpful to spend some money to collect data and start building negative keyword list to optimize into the green numbers.

Negative keywords are terms you do not want to target because either they are irrelevant or they don't convert or both.

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Pinterest Promoted Pins: Is It Worth Spending Your Money?