Pinterest Management Onboarding Questionaire

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

When it comes to onboarding new clients, it's all about setting up a solid foundation for a long-term business relationship. We offer monthly Pinterest management which requires being in lock step with our clients' values and goals.

First, what exactly is client onboarding? Client onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients into your business, addressing their questions and concerns, and ensuring they understand the services available to them.

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It is necessary to streamline the client onboarding process so that they have everything they need and you are able to set your business up for success.

Onboarding new clients involves listening to their questions and concerns. It also includes answering them in a timely manner.

Our goal in our onboarding process is to get to know our clients' goals so that we can offer the appropriate service to help them meet and exceed their expectations.

Below are the typical questions we ask our new clients so that we are better able to help them meet their business goals with optimizing Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Management Onboarding Questionaire

1. Who is your target audience/ideal client?

2. How often do you check Google Analytics? (weekly? monthly?)

3. Colors:

What color codes/number are used on your website? If you don't have the color code, I'll find the colors as close as possible.

4. Logo + images:

Please attach any business logos and original images to be used in pin designs. If you don't have any, I will use stock photos. If you have a lot, feel free to send a link or share drive (Google, Share Drive, or DropBox).

5. Font(s):

What font(s) do you use on your website? If you don't have a particular font that goes with the business brand, I'll select a few to test which works well in terms of readability on pins.

6. Design:

Please select a few pin designs that you would like for your pins. You can send the links or screenshots.

Optional: Do you have any quotes to go along with your business brand? A few one liner short quotes for pins tend to go viral and are good for branding. The quotes do not have to be your own as we can site the appropriate person.

Ready to get your Pinterest marketing squared away?

Great, let's get your great content out to the world!

Though Pinterest algorithms seem to change at the speed of light. Strategies that worked well a few months ago on Pinterest just don't work the same way these days.

So what's a business got to do to stay on top of the latest marketing strategies?

Whether you are just starting out or a Pinterest ninja, I created a checklist to help you increase website traffic and sales.

Pinterest Marketing Checklist for Businesses:

  • Create 5-10 boards on your popular blog topics using keywords

  • Pin at least 5-10 pins from your smart feed to your boards

  • Join group boards in your niche to increase your reach

  • Optimize Tailwind Tribes for your niche market

  • Conduct AB Tests: Test out different titles, colors, and images for top blogs

  • Focus on quality content, not followers or monthly views

  • Use plural & singular search terms. Specifically, key words ending with s or without (plural or singular). For example, #pinteresttip versus #pinteresttipS

  • Evaluate poor performing group boards and "un-join"

  • Repin old content is that have gone viral using Tailwind SmartLoop to automate repinning

  • Use hashtags only in pin descriptions

  • SEO optimize your boards, pin description, titles, etc. using keywords that are curated for your niche

  • Set Tailwind to automatically pin your content during optimal times of the day

Ok I applied your strategies. Why am I not seeing my website traffic increase?

Pinterest SEO takes time to kick into full gear! See below video...

Don't have time to keep up with all the latest Pinterest strategies?

Then it's time to use Tailwind SmartLoop to automate your Pinterest traffic.

Repinning your old content is a must-do especially if a pin has gone viral. But doing this can be time consuming.

On top of that, Pinterest algorithms can be tricky to stay on top of. So what’s a boss to do?

Use the Tailwind SmartLoop to automate your Pinterest traffic.

Many businesses require some sort of automation and scaling to be profitable. Automation and scaling helps to free up a lot of time and resources.

With Tailwind, you can pre-schedule pins for optimal times. You don’t have to figure out when it the best time to pin. Tailwind does that for ya!

Before Tailwind, I use to batch my pinning. That means I would pin a bunch of pins at a certain time of the day so that I wouldn't have to keep pinning throughout the day.

But then there is the risk of Pinterest algorithms detecting spamming activity. With Tailwind, I no longer worry about being dinged for spamming. Heck, I no longer have to batch.

My pins and infographics are published throughout the day via automation. Yes, I don’t have to lift a finger once I schedule my content! Ready to give Tailwind a try?

Receive a free trail to start using Tailwind today!

Pinterest Management Onboarding Questionaire

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