Pinterest Business Marketing: Does Your Monthly Views Matter?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Pinterest Business Marketing: Does Your Monthly Views Matter?

Wondering if you should care about your Pinterest monthly views stat? Some say it's just a vanity number while others track it closely for their business income. 

So should your Pinterest monthly views matter? It's definitely not the most important measure and can be misleading. At the end of the day, clicks, followed by repins is what counts. For Not A Bond Girl, the monthly views/impressions number has never been a big focus and can be wildly subjective for every account.

Monthly views are wildly subjective.

They include all views on your own content, plus views on things you pin from others.

Say someone else's pin went viral or got a ton of traffic. Then the pin died off. Your views would go up and down as well.

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Yet, it's hard not to care about that number. The stat is right in your face each time you open your account. Whether you pin from an app or on your desktop, it's one of the first things you see right below your profile bio. Ever since Pinterest rolled out the stat, I've noticed how much it fluctuates on a daily basis. Why does it vary so much when my pinning frequency remains the same?

Pinterest Business Marketing: Does Your Monthly Views Matter?

That could be a lot of factors ranging from your niche, quality of pins, content, and so forth. Either way, it's hard not to care.

After all, social proof matters to some extent.

Someone with a much lower monthly view and less followers could easily be a more profitable business than someone with 5X more views and followers. 

For example, my CPA Amy currently has less than 1K followers and 50K monthly views. I have 6K followers and 500K monthly views. 

Amy has a very profitable business that she started years before. Whereas, I just started establishing my business.  At the same time, we have very different businesses. Having the social proof for my digital marketing services is important. So in some ways, those stats do matter.

Bottom line: There is no one size fits all strategy. 

You may try something that seems to have worked great for your business. But that doesn't mean it'll work for another type of business. The numbers to track are clicks and repins.

That's why I check Google Analytics weekly, if not daily, depending on whether or not I'm running a marketing campaign or promoted pin.

Whether you are just starting out using Pinterest for business marketing or an OG pinner, let's make sure your Pinterest marketing strategies are squared away.

Get ready to uplevel your Pinterest business marketing.

Pinterest algorithms continue to change at the speed of light. And that goes for all digital marketing platforms!

It doesn't take an algorithm nerd to notice how there's a new algorithm update or major change on social media.

It seems like a new change happens on the daily. Yet, as a business owner, you already have a million things on your plate.

No, make that a gazillion and one.

What worked well a few years ago for social media just doesn't work the same way today. So what's an entrepreneur to do to stay on top of the latest marketing strategies?

No worries, I got you covered.

Let's work on how to curate your Pinterest boards to optimize website traffic. I'll cover the best way to leverage Pinterest as a search engine tool, not a social media platform.

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