Pinterest Audit: Template + Examples You Can Use to Optimize Marketing

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Pinterest Audit: Template + Examples You Can Use to Optimize Marketing

Ready to KonMarie your Pinterest boards? Not sure where to start? In order to optimize your Pinterest business marketing strategy, it's helpful to start with an audit. Whether you are cleaning up your own Pinterest account or conducting an audit for a client, below is a template with examples you can work off of.

Case Study: Pinterest Account Audits

Refer to the below audits for examples of my most recent Pinterest business account audits.

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Health + Wellness Pinterest Account Audit

Template + Example: Pinterest Account Audit


  • Optimize Pinterest as a search engine tool in order to drive website traffic and ultimately increase sales.

  • Leverage current blog content to build following and improve Google analytics.

Target Market:

For example: Female athletes training for a 5K race seeking tips and motivation to run their first or fastest 5K.

Competitor Analysis:

This audit was conducted based on health and fitness Pinterest profiles with a similar target market:

XYZ: link to board

XYZ: link to board

Pinterest Board Recommendations:

Consider having a board named after the website and make it the first board of the profile.

Consider making boards under 15 pins SECRET.

Boards under 15 pins do not add value to the overall profile and bring down stats. Once more pins are added to these boards, make the boards public again.

Group boards that are open to accepting new contributors. For example:

  • Fitness Tips: link to board

  • Running Tips: link to board

  • Create a group board. Establish expertise and build brand awareness. Invite at least 20 Pinterest accounts focused on running/marathon training to join your group board.

Keyword Analysis:

Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform for bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers. It’s key to SEO optimize your boards, pin description, titles, etc. using keywords that are curated for your niche.

The following keywords help to improve SEO when inserted in pin descriptions. Use only when relevant for the content as Pinterest algorithms can detect keyword stuffing and therefore your stats may be impacted. For example:

Running Workouts

Running Workouts Outdoor

Runners Diet

Runners Knee

Runners High

Runners Stretches

Running Quotes

Running Motivation

Running for Beginners


Running Tips

Running Workouts Treadmill

Running Workouts to Get Faster

Running Workouts for Weight Loss

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Hashtag Recommendations:

In addition to using relevant hashtags, the placement of the hashtags matter. Hashtags in account descriptions, board titles, board descriptions or profile names aren't clickable. The only place you can click and search hashtags are in a pin's description.

Please note that Pinterest hashtags are not used the same way as Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter or other social media platform hashtags. Pinterest algorithms are unique just as it is more of a search engine platform.

Pinterest Audit: Template  & Examples to Optimize Marketing

Plural vs singular search terms:

Words ending with or without “s” are considered different search terms. For example, #pinteresttip versus #pinteresttipS Singular and plural are not interchangeable when it comes to hashtags on Pinterest.

So use both if you have two images on the same blog post. Also consider other popular variations such as words that end in "-ing".

The following hashtags help to increase visibility when inserted in pin descriptions. Use only when relevant for the blog as Pinterest algorithms can detect hashtag stuffing and therefore your stats may be impacted. For example:













Branding Recommendations:

Consider using consistent colors for your pins. Ideally, match the red, black and white theme of your website to help your audience recognize your brand.

Consider using more original photos as frequently used stock images tend to impact the number of repins/shares.

Consider using the same font throughout all pins to build your brand. Current font for quotes and text overlays are not consistent which impacts the business brand. Fonts should not be too fancy as they need to work well in terms of readability.

SEO Tips:

There are many factors to consider when trying to figure out how much time SEO will take to be successful. Websites typically can see results in 4-6 months. 

Pinterest accounts can see results in 4-6 weeks. When major changes are made to pins and boards, stats tend to go down the first 2-3 weeks then slowly pick up and build momentum once SEO kicks in.


Infographics are not used to increase website traffic or Google Analytics. However, infographics are essential for building brand awareness and increase Pinterest stats (repins/shares, followers, etc). Infographics tend to go viral as there is one less click for pinners to get to your content.

Tailwind Tribes + SmartLoop:

Set up automation for your pins/infographics. Determine appropriate Tailwind Tribes and set up your SmartLoops. Note: In order to use SmartLoop and Tribes, you would need at least the basic plan once the free trial is over.

Here is a $15 off referral link you may use to set up the initial free account:

Syncing claimed website:

Ensure that your Pinterest account is synced with your Google analytics in order to track performance of all pins. Please also ensure your profile is a business account (vice personal account) that set up with a claimed website.

Affiliate Links Best Practices:

At least 80% of your pins link should directly to your claimed website. As mentioned, although it is ok to link some pins to Amazon affiliates, your stats do take a hit in terms of not showing up as frequently in other pinners feeds.

For best practices, pins with affiliate links should include a disclaimer or at the very least include #affiliatelink in the pin description.

AB Testing:

Consider creating 2-3 pins for each blog post. Change up the titles a little to conduct an AB test in order to see which title is most attractive to the target audience.

The pin that does the best in terms of repins and clicks is the pin that should be shared to Tailwind Tribes and be added in SmartLoop.

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