Pinfinite Marketing: Our Story & What We're About

Updated: May 6, 2020

Ready to reach your target market on Pinterest?

Let's increase website traffic to your products and services.

We help businesses leverage Pinterest as a search engine tool. Not a social media platform. Let's talk SEO, shall we?

Leveraging Pinterest SEO helps to cut through all that noise online. So yes, you can stand out online even without a purple unicorn in your back pocket.

In case we haven't met yet, Pinterest algorithms are our jam! Understanding algorithms helped us drive 1.5 million monthly website views from Pinterest.

Through simple Pinterest marketing strategies, we help businesses rank higher on Google.

Got a product, service, or just great content?

Here's the thing. You don’t need many followers on Pinterest to drive thousands of website views.

By optimizing your Pinterest account, you can increase quality traffic, lead conversion and sales. So let's get your content out to the world! It's time to stand out in a saturated market. 

Optimize your Pinterest account to increase product and service sales.

When I first started blogging, I wrote about lifestyle topics from yoga to career transitions. I was all over Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube while spending little time on Pinterest.

But month after month, I started seeing web traffic surge from Pinterest. So I started teaching others how to leverage Pinterest for their blogs.

Generate quality (not quantity) web traffic.

While having an online presence across various social media platforms helps to diversify, I didn't see the point when my lead conversion was zero on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

After hearing that a six-figure blogger has only a few hundred people on her email list, I soon learned that it's about generating quality web traffic. Not quantity.

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Stand out in a saturated market.

Everyone is pretty much sayin' the same thing. Some are better able to stand out from the rest when they incorporate their personal stories and share their vulnerabilities.

Yet there is still a lot of noise online. So to really stand out, I leveraged Pinterest as a visual search engine tool. Not a social media platform.

Let's talk Pinterest, shall we?

Simple hacks of an algorithm nerd...

Build your empire with simple Pinterest marketing strategies. Not sure where to start? We got you covered.

On this site, learn our top Pinterest tips to help you stand out online. This includes our fav SEO and Pinterest strategies to create multiple income streams for your business.

Everyone seems to be saying the same thing on social media these days. Many businesses offer similar products and services. 

It's hard enough staying on top of the ever changing online algorithms. We hear ya.

Then set your business apart with Pinterest.

Ready to rank higher on Google? Ready to stand out in a saturated market?​ Then let's get to some Pinterest marketing strategies shall we?

Optimize your Pinterest account to increase lead conversions and sales.

Access the FREE Pinterest Audit Template!

Not a Bond Girl to Pinfinite Marketing.

While I will still write about yoga, taking leaps of faiths in my career, and other lifestyle topics, I decided to get clearer on my branding. Since my services focus on Pinterest management, I needed a new business name.

Why "Pinfinite"?

At the end of almost every blog post about Pinterest. I usually write "the possibilities are Pinfinite". So I made that part of the business name.

Ready to set your business apart with Pinterest?

Build your empire with simple Pinterest marketing strategies. Not sure where to start? I got you covered.

After all, the possibilities are PINfinite!

Having a solid Pinterest marketing strategy for your business can make all the difference in driving quality website traffic.

Start with a free audit to get your Pinterest marketing framework down.

Then download the free plan to customize your Pinterest marketing strategy for business.

For more Pinterest tips, binge on iTunes podcast episodes and watch YouTube videos.

Be sure to access the free course to keep up with the latest Pinterest strategies!

Ready to make money on Pinterest?

Get your FREE Pinterest Audit Template today!