Personal Finance: How I Increased My Credit Score to Over 800

Personal Finance | How I Increased My Credit Score to Over 800

Ready to improve your credit score? Like ASAP? There are numerous ways to help you increase your your credit score that sound simple, but may not be easy.

If you have a low credit score, understand that you’re better positioned to make gains quickly than someone with a strong credit history. So even small changes can lead to larger score increases.

Here are 5 powerful ways that helped me improve my credit score to over 800...

Personal Finance: How I Increased My Credit Score to Over 800

1. Lower credit utilization rate:

The portion of your credit limits you're using at any given time is your credit utilization. Use less than 30% of your limit on any card, and lower is better. Every dollar you pay off reduces your credit utilization ratio and your total debt.

2. Request credit card limit increase:

Call up your card company to ask for a increase in your credit limit. When your limit goes up and your balance stays the same, it lowers your overall credit utilization, which can improve your credit.

3. Avoid taking out new debt frequently:

Do you really need multiple credit cards? When your favorite store offers a deep discount if you open a credit card with them, just say no thanks!

Personal Finance: How I Increased My Credit Score to Over 800

4. Dispute any inaccuracies in credit report:

Get a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. Dispute any errors in your report. This can help you quickly improve your credit score.

5. Pay off credit cards on time every month:

Pay off your credit card balance before the billing cycle ends. Or pay several times throughout the month to always keep your balance low. This helps to make sure your balance is low when the card issuer reports it to the credit bureaus.

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