Personal Finance: 3 Productivity Tips to Achieve More with Less for Independent Women

3 Productivity Tips to Achieve More with Less for Independent Career & Business Women

As independent career and business women, our time is valuable. Making the most of our time and resources is key.

Yet, it can be very time consuming to learn about the latest business marketing strategies, stock market investing, money management strategies to the latest financial advice. No worries. I got you covered.

After years of listening to personal finance podcasts and binging reading money mindset books, I developed three productivity methods that helped me improve my finances and increase my networth.

Here are three simple productivity tips to help you achieve more with less...

• Apply the 80/20 principle to save time and money

• Maintain a Next Action list, instead of a To-Do list, for your financial goals

• Simplify your daily tasks & schedule to maximize resources

From Corporate Dropout to Self-Made Millionaire

Not too long ago, I became financially indepedent and working became optional. So I left my full-time career in Corporate America and hit the reset button.

Since becoming a Corporate Dropout, I've been traveling, experimenting with different fun gigs and creating my own adventures.

The best way to get in touch is through Instagram and Pinterest @NotABondGirl. Looking forward to connecting with you!