How Much Do You Need to Make Per Client to Break Even?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Girl bosses, were you ready to quit your yesterday? First, do you know how much money you need to make in your business before you can quit without feeling super anxious about the bills?

Knowing what you need to profit on average per type of client gives you the power to start creating the right products, pricing, and packages to reach your goals for a profitable business.

Before you turn in your resignation, one important number to know is how much you need to charge per client. Not sure? No worries, we’ll cover how to calculate how much you need to make per client shortly.

Everyone has a different comfort level and risk tolerance when it comes to money. Personally, before I dropped out of Corporate America, my goal was to earn the equivalent of my monthly expenses in my blog biz.

If my blog biz completely flopped, I had at least a 12 month emergency fund saved in the bank to live off of. So I felt comfortable not needing to raise the bar on my biz goal beyond earning the equivalent of my monthly expenses.

But for you, how much you make in your biz to quit your day job may be higher. It may be lower. Everyone’s financial background is different and as mentioned, we all have different comfort levels with risk.

Only you can determine what you are truly comfortable with. Here’s are some questions to help you figure out your numbers.

How much should I charge for my service?

While the amount to charge can vary widely across industries, calculate a base price is essential so you are profitable. It also helps you feel more comfortable when quoting your prices.

Your time is money. Sometimes we forget how much time it actually takes to produce the final product for our clients from answering emails, to calling, to editing, and everything else in between.

So be sure to factor in how much time you spend with each type of client you serve. Otherwise, you might be missing the mark when you build your pricing and packages.

Set a monthly goal for how many clients or sessions you want to book per month. Be sure to use the ideal number of clients you’d like to have so we can work through that in your pricing.

Say you want to work a maximum of 40 hours per week, which is roughly 160 hours any given month. Then the amount of time you spend on client work should be less than 160.

After all, you still have other non-client related tasks you need to have time for in your business. This includes answer emails, marketing, social media and so forth.

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Calculate your business break-even number.

Business Break-even = Profit - Expenses and Savings

Many times entrepreneurs are so busy working in their biz that the only time they see if they are making a profit is at tax time. There’s an easy way to track your monthly expenses and create savings goals.

Calculating your business break-even number will show you what you’re financially responsible for every month. In turn, you can use the number to make sound money decisions to improve your business finances.

Whether you’ve been in business for a decade and your profits well exceed what you need, or you’re just getting started with no money in the bank, your break-even is the same equation.

To get clear on your business break-even, know what your business expenses and savings goals are first.

Even if you’re making plenty of money to cover everything you need, it’s still important to understand what your expenses and goals are. This way, you know where you may be able to make adjustments and thereby save money.

What’s considered expenses? Not sure how to calculate your business savings? Here is a list of examples to include fixed expenses, flexible expenses and budgeted expenses.

If financial freedom is your goal, let’s get movin’!

Yes, it may take some time to get familiar with your numbers but it’s worth the time. Get the very best monthly break down you can to make sure you’re profitable and set up for success!

Once you’ve tracked everything down and created goals, total up each category. Then, add all of the category totals together for the total business break-even.

This is your monthly break-even including your savings goals. It’s the amount you need to profit to break-even in your business. With a clear picture of your monthly business needs, you can start aligning your sales goals accordingly.

Over the years of running a blog biz, it’s not always easy to be on top of all my business finances. Especially with the constant changes in tax regulations. I was floundering my first tax season and I swore never again to put myself under that much unnecessary stress.

Since then, I’ve been working with a Certified Public Accountant. Her name is Amy Northard and I’ve sharing all the great biz finance tips I’ve learned from her throughout my blog.

Amy is a CPA and a business owner herself! She works with creative entrepreneurs to make taxes and bookkeeping less stressful.

If you need to understand the ins-and-outs of your business financials. Bookkeeping and taxes are not optional. But you’re in luck!

Amy has saved me hours each year on business taxes and bookkeeping! If you are interested in getting support on your biz finances, schedule a free chat with Amy here!

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How Much Do You Need to Make Per Client to Break Even? Make per client to break even, business break even, calculate how much to charge per client

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