Money Mindset + FOMO: How Much is Enough?

Money Mindset + FOMO: How Much is Enough?

When it comes to your money mindset, would you say you operate on abundance or scarcity? How much actually is enough for you? Having enough resources to cover your basic needs and beyond can feel like a moving goal post.

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After reaching financial independence retire early (FIRE) at 35, I started Pinfinite Marketing to help businesses market products and services on Pinterest. Though money was not a concern, the volatility of entrepreneurship often derailed my money mindset.

Having "enough" is a feeling, not a fixed number in the bank account.

In late February 2020, the stock market took a dip and I saw my networth decline by almost six figures. It was tough to see even though I knew I "had enough" and could withstand a recession should the market continue to plummet.

I only wish I had more disposable income to invest when the market dipped. As I watched the numbers drop, my FOMO (fear of missing out) grew.

I started getting anxious...even though I was financially independent.

I took a step back and put things into perspective. Looking at my numbers, I was going to be fine even if my business flopped. I was going to be ok even if the economy went into a long recession.

But the FOMO really got to me.

It's human nature to want to do better. In my case,doing better meant to take advantage of a great opportunity to invest when index funds are "on sale."

By recognizing the thought pattern, I was able to let go of the FOMO. I reminded myself that I was already living the lifestyle I desired. More over, I had opportunity to grow my business should my bank account be zero.

Money Mindset + FOMO: How Much is Enough?

Bottom line: Developing a money mindset is a lifelong practice of recognizing when you have enough and knowing you have opportunities all around you.

There are a gazillion ways to save and invest. From index funds to rental properties, the possibilities are endless!

But you don’t have to do it all.

Pick one or two methods that excites you. Since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to saving and investing, I offer a bunch of my recommended strategies here!

What about all the unknowns in life?

Glad you asked! Life has a way to throwing curveballs left and right. Whether it’s an unforeseen medical emergency or unexpected inheritance, the list of unknowns can go on.

That’s why we emphasize that flexibility is the key to success. When it comes to FIRE, adjusting to life changes is a must.

This is why a realistic FIRE plan is merely a blueprint for you to work off of. It’s not guidance set in stone.

There are a ton of personal finance tools online to help you stay on track when the unexpected happens. The FIRE plan give you flexibility to use your judgment to adjust along the way.

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Money Mindset + FOMO: How Much is Enough?