How to Maximize the Energy of Spring to Manifest Wealth

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Love the vibrant colors of flowers and trees in the Spring? Enjoying the longer hours of sunlight as winter days are over? Spring is a favorite time of year for many. The energies surrounding this season is ideal for taking inspired action to manifest wealth.

Tapping into our intuition as energetic beings gives us a better sense the manifesting energy of the season. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to make changes in your life, there could be a reason why.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, when you understand how to use the cyclical energy of each season, you create space for financial growth. So let’s maximize the manifesting energies of Spring!

Spring is the time to take inspired action.

It is the time to make choices, establish commitments and move forward with action. Spring energies generate the drive to start new projects. We are now called upon to choose the direction that excites us.

Spring helps us build up speed and pressure. We can direct that energy towards what will ultimately bring us to joy.

In the spring, we can feel frustrated if we failed to commit to a clear and energizing path. If we are in the midst of the “spring fever” energy, challenges can feel more frustrating than usual.

We may be feeling more aggressive and determined about busting through blocks, particularly if we sense when a financial breakthrough is within reach.

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At times, “spring fever” fills us with such vigor that we don’t know what to do with our energy. This is a good time to begin new and challenging workouts.

Training for a race, adding a yoga class to your routine and other physical activities can help us become more disciplined and more focused. But before you launch yourself into any action plan, consider whether the investment is the best use of your energy.

Tap into your intuition to determine whether it is in the service of your highest good or merely one of several mediocre options.

In order to get to where we want to go, we need to align ourselves to the frequency of where we want to be.

Take consistent steps.

Raising our vibration to match the frequency of where you want to be in life isn’t just about having an attitude of gratitude and positive thoughts all day long. No one is perfect so all we have to do is try our very very best.

Our very very best means to be in alignment at least 51% of the time. Now if you are in alignment even 60% of the time or more, you’ll start seeing things happen even sooner.

Whether you are a highly sensitive person or empath, there are times when we can just sense something is “off”.

If you are feeling out of alignment for an extended period of time, take a moment each morning to journal out your thoughts.

Create multiple streams of income.

There are a gazillion ways to reach financial freedom. But you don’t have to do it all! Try out 1 or 2 that get you excited and go from there.

Mainstream media isn’t calling it a “gig economy” for nothing! Having a side gig is practically the norm for our ever evolving economy. Through websites like UpWork and Task Rabbit, side hustling has become easier and more accessible.

Even if you already have a full time job, it’s always wise to have a Plan B. Perhaps you want to freelance on the weekends? Or maybe start your own blog selling a course? Did you know there are people who have made thousands selling their jewelry and clothes online?

Whether you want to house sit, Air BnB your place, rent out your car on weekends, tutor, or pet sit, the possibilities are endless these days.

Get creative with it as you’re only limiting yourself if you think you can only make money by transferring your 9-5 skill sets.

If financial independence retire early (FIRE) is your goal, then it’s time to start moving. The journey to financial freedom takes effort. The key is to get crystal clear on why you are striving for FIRE.

Financial independence retire early (FIRE) like a boss!

Get FIRE’d up about financial freedom.

There are a endless ways to create side hustle income and reach FIRE. Investing in stocks, owning rental property, creating your own online biz, and so forth.

But it doesn’t mean you need to do it all. Just pick 1 or 2 that gets you excited.

Everyone's financial situation and personal interests is unique. It’s important to try out different side hustles to see what works best for you.

Balance your seven chakras to increase positive energy flow.

After all, money is energy! Not sure where to start? No worries, we got you covered.

Access the Chakra Guide today!

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