How to Manifest When Feeling Negative Emotions

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

We all get into a funk from time to time. Heck, life is full of funks. Often times, it’s easy to feel stuck in the negativity because we get use to it.

Taking the initiative to get out of the funk that can be the most challenging step. When we allow ourselves to feel all our negative emotions, we can use the feelings to help us manifest breakthroughs.

We fall in and out of alignment with our true self all the time. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

Remember, making the conscious choice to align your energetic vibrations to your authentic self takes consistent effort. It’s not a one time fix. It’s not an overnight miracle either.

Realignment takes consistent practice, moment by moment, throughout the day.

During my Eat, Pray and Love journey, aka the months I was unemployed after I resigned from my 9-5, I fell in and out of alignment like whoa. My thoughts, and thus my energetic vibrations, kept wavering.

One moment I felt abundance was just around the corner as I was finally putting myself first. I felt on top of the world because I no longer had to answer to a difficult boss. Most of all, I didn’t have to be tied to a cubicle all day with difficult clients!

Deep down, I had faith that opportunities would start to surface when I was aligned with the frequency of joy. I knew that I did the right thing despite how illogical it seemed to friends and family to resign without another job lined up.

Yet, it was difficult to have such high hopes month after month. Soon, more periods of doubt crept in and stayed. There was no job offer showing up month after month. Am I going to be homeless and poor begging for coins at the metro stop?

I remember panicking. Then crying each night week after week. I did not have an ounce of regret leaving my toxic work environment but I wasn’t comfortable with the new space either.

I felt like I did everything I could. I filled the new space in my day with personal development podcasts, attending holistic wellness workshops, traveling, and other activities that fed my soul.

But why was it taking so long for the next chapter to begin?

I began to doubt my intuition. Then I went further down the rabbit hole. Despite so much confirmation that a new beginning was just around the corner, I lost hope.

So I gave up trying to figure out the next step. I thought, whatever happens, happens. I wouldn’t be the end of the world if I had to sell my car and my condo.

Little did I know, when I “gave up” obsessing over the “when” and “how” things were going to pan out, I was fully surrendering to the Universe. I was getting out of my own way of manifesting a breakthrough. I was (unknowingly) practicing the Law of Detachment.

Most importantly, I was realigning my energetic vibrations to a higher frequency. By worrying less about the unknown, I was aligning my energy to a higher vibration.

I focused on what I could control. Heck, I had no other choice! So I began eating healthier, sleeping more, and taking long walks in nature.

Day after day, I slowly began to see shifts. Small shifts grew to bigger shifts. Over time, miracles started to happen left and right. In addition to job opportunities manifesting, other hidden opportunities to create wealth surfaced.

It was the last thing I expected.

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Through this Eat, Pray and Love journey, I learned an important lesson. I always have the power over my happiness.

My happiness did not lie in the hands of a hiring manager, recruiter or anyone else. I always have the control over my happiness when I choose to control what I can. The moment we let go of how we want an outcome to turn out is the moment the Universe can start getting to work.

Releasing negative emotions is natural and healthy!

Crying is one of the many ways our bodies release negative emotions. It’s therapeutic on the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level.

Expressing your anger and sadness is sometimes viewed as a form of weakness. It shows vulnerability and when it comes to the “ugly cry”, tears can be interpreted as lack of emotional maturity.

Contrary to what most people believe, crying is not necessarily a bad thing. When we feel negative emotions, we can use the feelings to help us manifest breakthroughs.

Specifically, crying is advantageous if we use it as a compass to navigate life. Tears are a clear indicator of our truth. Perhaps we were dishonest about our true feelings and trying to suppress it.

For instance, crying can indicate our true feelings about how we feel about our job. It can indicate that we may be still hurt by a family conflict from childhood. It can indicate fear and anxiety about a particular outcome that we can’t control.

I knew it was time to leave my last 9-5 office job when I was crying on my lunch breaks. The frequency of tears increase to every Sunday before the start of the work week. Then at the end of my vacations because I knew what I was going back to after the plane landed.

As the tears kept rolling more frequently, I realized my higher self was trying to tell me something. My soul path was not aligned to my career path. I was not addressing my instinctive feelings. Nor was I hearing my inner voice so my negative emotions festered.

In the end, this led to a downward spiral of ugly cries on a weekly basis. By the way, if you ever need to release negative emotions at work, don’t cry in the bathroom. Go to your car and do it. There’s less of a chance that people will hear you wailing!

As an empath, or highly sensitive person, I made the mistake of ignoring my tears. I’ve always tried to keep my emotions in check in order to be viewed as a drama queen. But in actuality, being an emotionally sensitive empath is advantageous.

Once I used my negative emotions as a compass, I was then able to move forward accordingly. That’s when I started manifesting breakthroughs like whoa! I recognized that I felt stuck on my career path. I didn’t like the office job and I sure as heck did not like the passive aggressive work environment.

Yet, no one was forcing me to stay. I had held onto skewed beliefs about commitment, money, and scarcity which created blocks to manifesting goals. So the “trapped” feeling was self-imposed.

Thus, I took inspired action based on the data points gathered from all the self-reflection. The minute I started sending out my applications around, a huge sense of relief came over me. I felt lighter and I immediately knew I was raising my vibrations to a higher frequency.

The same strategy can be applied to relationships and other personal matters as well. Tears can signal our true feelings about a particular family member or partner. Sometimes tears are indicating a need to set energetic boundaries with others.

The important thing is when the tears start rolling, let go of the self-judgement. Cry it out until there are none left. Then take a step back to reflect what is really going on beneath the anger, sadness, and strong instinctive feelings.

Aha moments can hit at any time, especially when the mind is still. So whether that is cleaning the kitchen, painting or fishing for you, then have at it.

All in all, crying is a healthy means for our mind, body and spirit to energetically release negative emotions. We can take it a step further when we use our teas as a compass to navigate life. This helps us to not only manifest faster breakthroughs, but also realign with our soul purpose.

When we raise our vibrations, we are better able to attract who and what we want into our life. We can operate with more clarity and take inspired action to co-create with the Universe. Ultimately, this helps us to be aligned with our soul path.

Are you ready to use your negative emotions to help you attract more wealth?

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