How to Make $1000/Mo Selling Inexpensive Amazon Products

Trying to promote an inexpensive affiliate product on Amazon? Perhaps a book or beauty product? If you aren’t getting any results, don’t worry. You’re not alone. But that’s all about to change, boss babe.

At first, I stayed away from Amazon affiliate marketing. I thought that in order to make a decent income as an Amazon associate, I had to sell high ticket items. But other than a great mattress that I purchased on Amazon, I couldn’t speak to anything else that was priced over $500.

Through a little bit of trial and error, I soon learned that there are still ways to make a significant amount of money selling low ticket Amazon products. Even the most inexpensive product may be something that a reader wants to buy.

Plus, if readers end up buying other things on Amazon, I received sales for those as well. For instance, if I linked to a $10 book on Amazon, the buyer may end up ordering many other items as well.

A lot of times, people (such as myself) will add more items to the cart to get free shipping. When that happens, I get credit for all of them as long as the buyer purchases everything within a certain timeframe.

Here are my top strategies that have helped me make over $1000/month selling inexpensive items.

Setting yourself apart is not hard.

There’s a lot of noise in the online space. A lot of people think it is hard to stand out with so many people doing something similar. But these days, it’s actually simple to stand out from the crowd more than ever.

Being authentic in your blog, videos, social media posts is key to standing out. We are all unique in our own way for a reason. But it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and start following the style of others.

Speak your truth.

If you find yourself feeling less and less authentic, take a step back to reset. Are you speaking your truth? Do you truly stand behind the product you are promoting?

I’ve turned down several affiliate programs in the past. If I do not believe in the product or service, I just won’t be able to stand behind it. Readers can sense the energy which leads to no sales.

Share your personal experience.

To build trust with your audience, get to know the product in and out. Many affiliate marketers overlook this because they don’t realize that they need to know the product in order to promote it.

Knowing the product will help you explain and thereby promote the product better to your blog readers. When you are able to share your personal experience with the product, readers can sense the excitement and energy.

Add value.

Adding genuine value is key when it comes to successfully promoting affiliate products. It's important to think through how you will promote your affiliate links. You don't want to bore your audience or come across as a pushy advertisement.

At the end of the day, it's not about just inserting affiliate links on your website everywhere. There are many different ways to promote an affiliate product. But you don’t have to do it all! Choose the promotion styles that resonate most with you.

Different strokes for different folks.

Different strategies and may appeal to different readers. This can help further the reach of your affiliate promotion. For example, a review may resonate with some of your readers whereas others may prefer a tutorial.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons for why you would want to promote an affiliate product in more than just one way. In fact, here are 5 different ways to authentically promote an item!

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Less is more.

It may be counterintuitive to think less is more when it comes to selling inexpensive products. But trying to sell too many affiliate products can lead to no income. So save yourself the time and energy!

Focus on less than 10 affiliate programs, especially if you are just starting off. Over time, you can always keep what works and let go of what isn’t selling.

Flag sales for your readers.

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Amazon has sales throughout the year, especially when there is a holiday around the corner. This can be a great way to let your readers know about a deal while also promoting an affiliate link.

Informing your followers of a great sale can create a sense of urgency so that they want to buy sooner rather than later. This can be done in a newsletter, email campaign, social media posts and so forth.

Building a profitable blog is totally doable even without a million views.

If you are feeling stuck in your business, trust me, I know how you feel. When I thought I tried everything possible under the sun, I thought it was a sign to give up.

And due to that, I was still seething at a cubicle. It got to a point where I felt so suffocated that I quit on an impulse. Yes, I quit without a Plan B and with over 20 years left on my mortgage.

Change your strategy, change your business, change your life.

Many bloggers like me skip over key affiliate marketing strategies. I thought I could learn affiliate marketing on my own by following other bloggers. Wrong.

That all changed when I came across Making Sense of Cents, a blog that covers affiliate marketing strategies. After hearing a few podcast interviews of the author Michelle, I figured what do I have to lose.

Michelle earns over six figures a month on her blog. Last month, she made $104,065 to be exact. She makes over $50,000 a month just through simple affiliate marketing strategies!

After taking the course, I started applying different affiliate marketing strategies that resonated most with me. I wanted to do what felt most authentic. For instance, I’m not excited about Twitter, so I didn’t use those particular social media strategies.

Soon I was noticing a gradual and consistent increase in my monthly revenue. Through all the trial and error over the years, I can with confidence that her affiliate marketing tips work.

Are you missing out on passive income?

Through Michelle’s course, I learned that I was leaving a lot of passive income on the table. Michelle earns over $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing. In her course, she shares exact steps she’s taken to earn over $300,000 from a single blog post.

Yeperz, it can really just take one blog post. The affiliate marketing course also covers great Pinterest marketing strategies!

Most importantly, she covers the latest affiliate marketing disclosure rules needed on the website, social media and so forth.

Interested in building a profitable blog without millions of views (or selling your soul)?! Be sure to check out Michelle’s affiliate marketing course today!

Enroll in the Making Sense of Cents Affiliate Marketing Course here!

How to Make $1000/Mo Selling Inexpensive Amazon Products; make money selling inexpensive amazon products, amazon affiliate program, make money as amazon associate