It's Not OK to Ghost Someone Except When...

It's Not OK to Ghost Someone Except When...

Whether in business or relationships, ghosting has been increasingly common in the digital age. When I worked in Corporate, I've been ghosted by recruiters. In my business, people have reached out for my services and then ghosted when it was time to pay. As for dating and friendships, ghosting seems to be more widespread than Coronavirus.

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When is Ghosting OK?

How to Pick Someone's Brain Without Being Annoying

While I believe ghosting can be a cowardly move, there are a few exceptions. Ok maybe only one exception that I can think of...

For a month, I dated a guy who was consistently late for each date. Not only was he typically late, he lacked the consideration to provide advance notice.

Once he texted at the time we were supposed to meetup that he would be 20 minutes late. I arrived a few minutes early at the location so ended up waiting almost half an hour.

It also seemed that he was waiting on other plans before confirming our dates. He would suggest a date, then confirm a date and time only a few hours in advance.

Sure he always had reasons. I'm sure they were. But it was a pattern that I was not willing to accept.

It was extremely disrespectful of my time.

His lateness and lack of communication was hugely telling. It shows a lack of respect for me and my time. If it was a dentist appointment, it would have been canceled and he would have had to pay a no-show fee.

The lack of time management wasn't the only deal breaker. It seems like there is a lot of work that he hadn't done on himself. He was super charming but totally all about him.

Bottom line, the lateness came across as a power move. So I decided not to waste any more time with him.

I ghosted after the final last-minute reschedule text.

There was no need to waste another minute on someone who didn't respect me. Also, there was no need to form an emotional attachment based on familiarity.

It was a hard pass. Once I knew the value of my time, someone better came along soon after.

In the meantime, build an empire.

Frustrated with the dating scene? Overwhelmed by the feast and famine cycle of entrepreneurship?

In any business, there are down times regardless of the product or service. The emotional roller coaster of building a business is not for the faint of heart.

So how can you smooth out the volatility in your business? Here's what I do to be cash flow positive when business is slow...

Remember that Bad Time Management Guy?

For each date, rather than wait around for him to arrive, I would walk around the area...the beach, shopping district, etc.

I got so caught up in exploring that he ended up waiting a few minutes for me by the time I circled back to the location of our date.

No need to waste a minute of downtime.

The old me would have sat around and read the menu over and over until the date arrived. Instead, I took advantage of the spare time and really enjoyed it.

Bottom line: Be that queen in order to attract the right king!

It's Not OK to Ghost Someone Except When...

1. Take advantage of every single minute when business is slow.

Upgrade offerings, check in with old clients, and up-sell current clients. There are countless ways to use the time to make the most of your current resources in order to build momentum for busy periods.

As in my dating story, don't wait around. Make the most of the downtime. Get so caught up in the creative flow you forget it's a slow period.

2. Set up multiple income streams.Whether it's passive or active income, millionaires have an average of seven income streams. After all, creating multiple income streams is one of the great keys to wealth.

As in my dating story, I certainly did not date that particular guy exclusively. I went on other dates knowing that there were options. I didn't need to put up with inconsiderate guys who didn't respect my time.

3. Leverage Pinterest to reach your target audience.

Whether you are looking for another side hustle or run a full-time biz, there are countless ways to be cash flow positive when you leverage Pinterest.Not sure how to start?

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