Is it Intuition or Just Crazy Talk?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Life can be like an emotional roller coaster ride. Or at least mine is! When times get tough, it’s hard to hear what our intuition is trying to tell us to help us navigate through the stress. All that noise inside can be just as loud as the outside.

After all, we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. Some of the thoughts can cloud our ability to hear our intuition. So how does one differentiate between what’s intuition and what’s plain ol’ crazy talk?

Being fluent in the language of your intuition helps you communicate with your higher self. When you are able to have clear direct commo with your higher self, you are able to take steps in alignment with your dharma.

The ability to “know” without knowing how you know it.

Let’s first define intuition. Your intuition is that inner knowing that you have deep within you. It’s that instinctive feeling we all have and can access at any time.

Ever get a deep sense of knowing about something, but not being able to know how you know it? That’s your intuition!

Understanding how our mind works helps us tell the difference between what is intuition and what is just crazy talk. Each day, we have between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. The steady flow of thinking thoughts is a filter between our thoughts and feelings, our head and heart.

With that many thoughts per day, it’s no wonder why it takes practice to differentiate between intuition and plain ol’ crazy talk. On top of that, our brain is naturally wired to help us survive in this world.

Our brain always looks for what’s wrong. It’s in constant survival mode. It looks for whatever can hurt us and what we must to do survive the worst case scenario.

So what's a girl to do to filter so many conflicting thoughts?

First, determine which of your intuitive sense is dominant. We all are naturally born with intuitive senses (clairs). Some people are just with the gift of heightened senses....mediums, psychics, and so forth.

We have one or two dominant intuitive senses as we are all energetically connect in a unique way. Like radio waves, intuitive insights are constantly being broadcast around us. It's just a matter of learning how to tune in to it using our dominant senses.

To help determine what your dominant clair, notice if any of the following descriptions resonate most with you? Are you more of a visual person? Do you typically make decisions based on your gut feeling? Are you a great audio learner?

Claircognizance: clear knowing

Claircognizance is when you have knowledge of people or events that you would not normally have knowledge about. Truths simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. An example of this would be a forewarning of something that will happen in the future.

Clairvoyance: clear seeing

Like a daydream, visions flash through the third eye chakra. This could be past, present and future visions. Those who are highly visual are able to better understand an idea when they see it as an image on paper.

Clairsentience: clear feeling

Empaths, listen up. You may be clairsentient without consciously being aware of it. No worries, I’m with you! Ever get a strong "gut" feeling about someone or get the "chills" for no apparent reason? You just might be sensing the emotional energy of someone else or the energy surrounding you.

Clairaudience: clear hearing

Those who hear words, sounds or music at “coincidental” timings. Audio learners (not me!) best retain and comprehend information when they hear it spoken aloud.

Clairalience: clear smelling

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is clairalience yet but it would be very cool to meet someone who is one day! Clairalience is smelling odors that don't have any kind of physical source.

Clairgustance: clear tasting

Ever get a random taste in your mouth but haven’t eaten in a few hours? Clairgustance is the ability to taste something that isn't actually there.

Once you've determined your dominant intuitive sense, the next step is to pay attention to your fears. Here's what I mean...

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Fear, a double edge sword.

An undirected mind operates naturally in survival mode by searching for threats. I don’t know about you but that usually in the form of a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for me!

Life is just too short and our time is just too precious to constantly operate in survival mode. There isn’t a bear running after us every day. Yet, our stress levels hit that peak point when someone cuts us off on the road or when we are sitting in traffic.

But fear can be useful too!

At times, our fears and concerns can be legit thoughts about a threat. During those moments, the survival mentality actually can guide as away from an unfavorable situation. Thus, we can lead a better life if we know how to select what is legitimately helpful to improve our daily life.

Sharpen your intuition while you sleep.

Receiving intuitive hits can happen when we are in the shower, reading a book, and just about anywhere at anytime. One of the most common ways to tap into our intuition is while we sleep.

During our dream state, our mind processes our thoughts, emotions, and just about everything else. The intuitive hits tend to surface when our busy mind takes a break from the processing. That’s when we can tap into our subconscious.

Just a few simple steps to help you intuitively gain clarity to your most challenging frustrations tonight. That's right, get answers while you sleep!

Pausing can help sharpen your intuition.

Did you know that even a few minutes of stillness each day can make all the difference in sharpening your intuitive abilities? Whenever you feel like you need clarity or a sense of grounding, take a moment to focus on your breath.

Here’s what I use to teach my yoga students to get centered before each class…

Begin to deepen your breath. Inhale through your nose for the count of two. Hold your breath for the count of four. Exhale through your nose for the count of eight. Repeat for five breaths.

As you gain a sense of grounding, you are better able to discern your fear-based thoughts versus your intuitive instincts. With practice, you will have the strength and awareness to better connect with your intuition.

Set aside a little time each day to pause.

Whether it’s finding stillness through meditation or journaling, doing so first thing in the morning will give you a positive boost for the day ahead. It sets the tone for the day and provides an anchor point.

Not saying the rest of your day is guaranteed to run smoothly. In life, you will naturally come up against obstacles and setbacks. But being able to tap into your intuition at any moment can help you live a happier, more meaningful life.

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Is it Intuition or Just Crazy Talk? intuition vs fear, intuition or negative self-talk, intuition vs self-doubt, how to sharpen intuition