How to Use Tailwind SmartLoop to Automate Your Pinterest Traffic

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Don't have time to keep up with Pinterest strategies? Then it's time to use Tailwind SmartLoop to automate your Pinterest traffic.

As a blogger or entrepreneur, repinning your old content is a must-do especially if the pin has gone viral.

But doing this can be time consuming. On top of that, Pinterest algorithms can be tricky to stay on top of. So what’s a girl boss to do?

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In the past, I spent hours manually pinning from my blog and joining group boards. I also followed other people in my niche and created eye-catching designs.

But over time, as my business grew, I had less time to spend on running these accounts. It was important to keep up the accounts as it was the primary driver of my website traffic.

Once I gave Tailwind a try. It was a game changer.

In two weeks, not only did my website traffic increase, but also my followers. Not bad for spending less time on Pinterest!

I also created an automatic ‘Smartloop’ that continually publishes evergreen content and bulk upload new graphics/captions.

What is SmartLoop?

Looping your pins is essentially re-sharing or repeating your content on Pinterest.

With the Tailwind Smartloop feature, you can recycle your pins so it is continually sharing your best pins to your personal and group boards.

Why loop your pins?

It's all about fresh content. Pinterest algorithms reward fresh new pins.

The Tailwind Smartloop feature automatically creates a new pin for you each time it schedules the post to a board.

Pinners also don’t see your content everytime that you pin it on Pinterest. So a number of your followers and others on Pinterest aren’t even seeing your content when you pin it the first time.

Setting up looping on Pinterest makes it so your pins have a greater chance of being seen.

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How to Use Tailwind SmartLoop to Automate Your Pinterest Traffic

So how do you start using SmartLoop?

First, set up your Tailwind account. If you don’t have one yet you can set up one here and get your first 100 pins for free to try it out!

Once you are on your Tailwind dashboard head over to the left-hand side and click on the “Publisher” tab. Then select “SmartLoop.”

This will bring you to the Tailwind SmartLoop dashboard. Here you can create different loops for your pins. To create a new Smartloop click the green button that says “New Loop.”

Then, choose between an Evergreen Loop or a Seasonal Loop. From there, Pinterest walks you through the rest! 

Evergreen Smartloops will cycle through year-round. This is great for your content that is always relevant.

Seasonal Smartloops you can set to only share at certain times of year. This is perfect for holiday and seasonal content.

SmartLoop has its own unique analytics. 

You can see what isn't popular or getting much repins and pull it out of the queue. After all, you should only be looping your top content. 

SmartLoop allows you to include group rules.

Most group boards have some type of rule to avoid spamming. If you are pinning to group boards, make sure you include the rules so you don’t get removed from the group.

Using SmartLoop saved me hours each month.

Instead of re-scheduling my popular evergreen content using interval pinning, I can now re-purpose my content in a few clicks adding only a few seconds to my current Tailwind workflow. 

Ready to incorporate SmartLoop into your Pinterest strategy?

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How to Use Tailwind SmartLoop to Automate Your Pinterest Traffic

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