How to Use Reiki to Raise Your Vibrations

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

How to Use Reiki to Raise Your Vibrations, raise vibrations with reiki energy healing
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Feeling overwhelmed over your finances? Work stressing you out? Using Reiki to raise your vibrations can help you to better attract who and what you need into your life.

There are many ways to practice Reiki. I learned Reiki from an inspiring Reiki Master, Lisa Powers. Lisa is the author of Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual.

The Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual is a helpful and easy to read guide for anyone who wants to learn Reiki. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, this guide shows how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

According to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual, by incorporating Reiki into your busy lifestyle, to include your self-care routine, you can achieve emotional and physical wellness…even if you only have minutes to spare.

So no more excuses of not having enough time to take care of YOU. Save yourself months, if not years, by utilizing Reiki to help you attract who and what you want into life.

Before we go over some simple simple Reiki energy healing techniques, let’s cover the basics...

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy. When you incorporate Reiki into your busy lifestyle, you are better able to gain an overall sense of wellbeing and raise your energetic vibrations.

We can all access universal energy at anytime throughout our busy day. Whether or not you are a Reiki master, everyone has access to the healing power of universal healing energy.

Reiki energy works with the law of attraction to help balance your chakras (energetic centers). When your chakras are balanced, you are better able to raise your vibrations.

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What can Reiki be used for?

Reiki ​has many uses and is not limited to people, plants, food and animals. The universal energy can help enhance your focus and energy. You can also apply Reiki to a situation you would like to have increased positive energy, clarity or resolution about.

Reiki universal energy can be applied to your finances, relationships, past unresolved issues, career and even upcoming events like a job interview. It starts with ​simple Reiki energy healing techniques​.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the universe to deliver our goals to us.

By holding positive energy, we attract positive results. Reiki energy works with the law of attraction to help you raise your vibrations to attract what you want into your life.

Reiki healing techniques can help you raise your vibrations to align with the frequency of where you want to be in your life!

What are the benefits of Reiki?

As various mainstream media from Vanity Fair, Newsweek, to Oprah has covered holistic healing, many have wondered if energy healing is effective. Here are some of the benefits of Reiki…

Through Reiki energy healing, a Reiki treatment can help people feel less anxious, grounded, and great sense of well-being. How so?

Reiki energy works with the law of attraction to clear blocks and raise your vibrations. The key to getting to where you want to go in life is to be in alignment with the vibrational frequency of where you want to be.

Most times we focus on tackling our challenges on a physical, emotional, or mental level. Rarely do we approach challenges from an energetic angle.

Incorporating Reiki energy into your routine can make all the difference in clearing stubborn blocks getting in the way of raising your frequency to achieve mind, body and spiritual wellness.

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How does Reiki energy work?

Reiki goes to the place in the body that is imbalanced and requires healing. Placing your hands on or above the body allows the energy to be drawn in. Reiki energy will then go where it is needed.

When you come up against personal and/or professional difficulties in life, Reiki is able to help provide you the strength and awareness to handle the challenges.

Daily Reiki self-treatment may help to prevent sickness and bring your life into focus and balance quickly. Accordingly, practice Reiki self-treatments to recharge your energy daily, not just when difficulties or illnesses surface.

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How to Use Reiki to Raise Your Vibrations, raise vibes with Reiki energy healing

What are some simple Reiki techniques?

Since Reiki is always available, whenever you feel tired, stressed, or have any aches or pains, you can alleviate them by laying your hands on your body to channel energy to go wherever it is needed.

Also, during meditation, you may visualize healing positive Reiki energy flowing through your chakras. If a particular chakra is blocked, channel Reiki to that energy center by placing your palms over that chakra.

Not sure which chakra needs to be balanced? Here’s how to tell!

Practicing Reiki self-care first thing in the morning, even for 10-minutes, will give you a positive boost for the day ahead. A self-treatment at night will relax and unwind you, leading to a good rest.

As with everything in life, the amount and type of energy you put into something is in direct proportion to what you will receive in return. By dedicating time for yourself and your well-being every day, you’ll experience the benefits of Reiki.

All it takes is small but consistent steps with daily Reiki self-care practices.

If you are are an empath, you may tend to feel anxious, restless and overwhelmed more than most people. You may often feel fatigued and notice negative thought patterns continuously surface.

By incorporating Reiki energy into your routine, you can clear blocks, raise your vibrations, and be in the energetic flow all on your own. The positive healing energy can be channeled to support your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health.

Ready to incorporate more Reiki healing techniques to achieve more peace and balance in your busy lifestyle? Apply healing positive Reiki energy to help heal the past, ease the present, and enhance the future.

According to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual, Reiki energy healing has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. With this guide you will have detailed support as you learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

This guide will be helpful for individuals wishing to explore Reiki before taking a formal class. It can also be used as a manual within Reiki courses. Those wishing to review their understanding from their Reiki courses will also find this manual helpful.

Interested in Reiki self-care techniques?

That makes two of us! I love learning about energy healing. There are so many different Reiki styles and techniques to learn!

Although I’m already a certified Reiki Master, I continue to attend Reiki workshops just to learn about the different styles of Reiki. In fact, I received my Reiki training from several Reiki Masters.

Simple Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master energy healing techniques.

Whether you want to incorporate Reiki into your self-care routine or help others through Reiki healing, learning Reiki is a lifelong journey.

Check out the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!