How to Turn Negative Vibes into Positive Fuel

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Surrounded by people who complain a lot? What’s worse, they love to vent to you!

Whether it’s at your office or home, rather than taking on their negativity or contributing to the vent fest, why not turn things around. Yes, turn the negative vibes into positive fuel.

Change is constant and how we respond to our changing surroundings makes us who we are. As we make efforts to improve how we respond to life changes, our identity naturally evolves.


Karma refers to the principle of cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction.

A person’s thoughts, intentions and actions (cause) influence the future of that person (effect).

As a collective conscious, we are all energetically connected. Basically, what we put out in the world will come back to us.

Our thoughts, intentions and actions carry energetic vibes. Positive thoughts and loving intentions carry high vibrations. They create “good karma”.

Our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. Positive words and actions shape the world around us. Thus, we are constantly shaping our world, with our positive, negative or neutral vibrations.

We all are contributors to the collective consciousness in this sense.

When we do what brings us joy, we contribute positive vibrations to the collective consciousness. This doesn’t have to be anything major. It can be as simple as singing, dancing or whatever lifts your mood.

Many people misunderstand karma as a fixed destiny. Our fate is not fixed is because we have free will.

As life gives us second chances, our future is not set in stone.

We can always improve our choices and decisions the second time around. We can’t escape from our past, but learning from it can change our future.

It is always possible to change our karma.

We have the control to create new karma for ourselves. Many times, we create blocks when we are mindless about our thoughts, particularly allowing negative thought patterns to dominate.

If you find yourself feeling heavy from the negativity, visualize the negativity of others not affecting you. This could be a specific scenario or a state of mind.

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Instead of contributing to the complaining and venting of others, take a step back from it. All of it. Let any feelings and emotions surface. Then release it from your energetic field.

Releasing negative vibes from your energetic field (aura) could take form in many ways. Whether you choose to journal, work out, cry or all the above, do so without self-judgment.

Just by honoring self-care, you create good karma. You’ve contributed positive vibes into the world, for the collective conscious!

No time for self-care? No problemo.

I'm in the same boat. But we can all raise our vibrations even with very limited time.

Often times, a few minutes is all it takes to release negativity. This includes letting go of thoughts that don't serve you to releasing festering emotions.

So no more excuses for not having enough time to take care of you.

Here are a four effective ways to release negativity and boost your energetic wellness:

1. Sweat it out: It may be cold outside be even going for a brisk walk can make all the difference!

2. Cry it out: Let go of the self-judgement. You are not a baby and crying is therapy for the soul!

3. Talk it out: When we speak our truth, we feel more aligned and authentic! Got something to say? Let it out, girl! Yes, clear that throat chakra by speaking your truth.

4. Write it out: Journaling helps to get our thoughts out on paper and gain clarity.

As you work towards turning negative vibes into positive fuel, you will better know your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and core values. The beauty of it all is that you get to know yourself well. After all, it’s important to look inward when you are making efforts to create positive energy flow.

SMART goals

Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) goals for yourself. Then, consider how you can manifest these goals by on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

Most times in life, we tackle challenges on the mental, physical, and/or emotional level. Often, we forget about incorporating the energetic level. That’s why a lot of times, we get spun up about how it’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen.

Various energetic techniques have helped me speed up my results when it comes to manifesting goals...even when I was not at rock bottom.

So whether you are all about journaling, meditating, or visualizing, why not incorporate universal energy to help you raise your vibrations to align your current frequency with the frequency of that next chapter in life?

Just as how the law of attraction operates under the premise that we can have anything we want in life, we need to hold space for that thought to allow the universe to deliver.

By holding positive energy, we attract positive results.

If you can clearly visualize your goals, dreams and desires and vibrate with the frequency of having achieved those results already, you can attract what you desire.

Looking outward is equally helpful when it comes to giving your life a makeover. When you look outward towards those around you, you’ll be able to better know who you are when you understand your relationships with others.

By understanding your relationships, especially with your inner circle of friends, you’ll also have a stronger foundation of understanding your relationship with the world.

Often times, our goals are overly influenced by other people’s input. Such external pressures, even when it’s coming from a good place, can detach us from our core values.

By going through a self-discovery process of looking inward and outward, you’ll less likely find yourself regretting decisions that aren’t aligned with your purpose.

Once you have a clear understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world, look at what is going on around you.

Ask yourself:

1. What opportunities allow you to apply your knowledge, skill sets, and abilities?

2. Are my goals aligned with what really matters to me (core values)?

For instance, say being financially independent is at the top of your priority list. Then if part of your plan to makeover your career is to leave your 9-5 and start your own business, then there is an alignment.

By answering these two key questions, you’ll be able to know what intrinsically motivates you. When you are working towards things that are personally fulfilling, you’ll be more satisfied in your personal and professional life.

Furthermore, those who are flexible enough to adjust their goals have higher levels of life satisfaction.

Ready to start living that high-vibe lifestyle? Then it’s time to create wealth beyond money!

Clear your money chakra!

Hit a glass ceiling in your career? Got stubborn money blocks? Your money chakra, aka root chakra, may be unbalanced.

The key to clear blocks getting in your way of being in the energetic flow is to align yourself to vibrate at the frequency of where you want to be in life.

By incorporating a holistic approach, you are better able to raise your vibrations to attract financial abundance.

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How to Turn Negative Vibes into Positive Fuel; turn negative vibes into positive fuel, how to create positive energy, how to release negativity, how to change negative into positive energy