How to Optimize Your Content Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

To be a profitable online business, you really do not need to be active on every single social media platform. In fact, you really only need to be highly engaged and consistent on one platform. Whether it is Instagram, YouTube, or whatever, the choice depends on where your target market hangs out.

Before spending a penny on ads, consider optimizing your primary social media platform. When you leverage your followers on one platform, you can greatly build momentum on other platforms without having to be active on those platforms.

I recently conducted an audit report for a YouTube micro-influencer. We started with combing through all his personal and business social media accounts.

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When I perform an audit of all active social media account(s), I also like to provide a checklist of recommendations and action items for the client to follow-up on their own.

If needed, we hold a follow up phone call to discuss the recs and address questions. Below is a typical marketing strategy plan

Marketing Strategy for Product Sales/Services of X


1. Increase Product Sales/Services of X among target market.

2. Establish a cohesive personal brand in order to set a foundation for future campaigns.

3. Optimize social media platforms to generate leads and build brand awareness.

Target Market: XYZ


❏ Consider inserting a menu tab that includes the following pages: About, Product/Service, Reviews (testimonials), Opt-in, Contact

❏ On homepage, include a call to action on the header and side bar

Opt-in/lead magnet suggestions:

The highest number of video views was 1.3M views on “X”. It’s closely followed by the “Y” video and “Z” video.

Keeping in mind that you’ll go into X consulting, this would be an opportunity to leverage the audience with an opt-in that highlights your industry expertise.

For instance:

● “Which type of X is best for you”: 1-page PDF guide with a short description on the

different types

● “Which type of X fits your personality type”: 1-page PDF short quiz/


● “10 things every X should do before...”: 1-page PDF list/guide 

Call to action:

At the end of the lead magnet, have a call to action. This can be to connect with you on FB, subscribe to the YouTube channel, ask a question on IG, or anything that isn’t selling something.

Sales funnel: 80/20 it

After viewer opts-in, establish a follow-up 5-10 day email sequence. Some emails can offer target market specific tips, your personal experiences/story, links to most viewed videos, etc.

The emails can have a theme as well that naturally leads to introducing your product/service. Consider offering a time sensitive discount for the product/service once introduced.

For instance, a discount price only available for the next 24 hours.

Primary Platform: YouTube

Recommended secondary platform: FaceBook Business

You only really need to focus on one platform. Followers will seek you out on other platforms if you keep excelling consistently on one platform.

Thus, it’s important to establish business accounts across all platforms even if you don’t intend to be actively posting. Also, someone else may take your preferred handle/name before you if you wait on setting up business accounts.

FaceBook would be an ideal secondary platform since you already have video content to upload. The videos can be scheduled directly on FaceBook.

Do not use a third party scheduler (ex. Hootsuite) and do not simply post the YouTube link on to FaceBook. Upload the videos directly. It will take a lot longer but videos are will show up at the top of followers feeds when directly uploaded onto FaceBook.


Curate at least 3 specific playlists of your videos for your audience. Keep your intro video description up-to-date and replace the intro video whenever your business pivots.

❏ Use same bio line across all social media platforms for consistency

❏ Bio should state the value to the consumer. For ex. I’m X, founder of X. I share insights on X to help entrepreneurs...

❏ Include website link in all video descriptions

❏ Create consistent weekly or monthly “quick tips” videos in alignment with your product/service and industry

❏ “Quick Tip” Videos Objective: Establish know, like + trust, no selling, apply the 80/20 marketing principle

❏ End videos with a call to action: For ex. What questions do you have about X topic? Leave a comment below.

❏ 1st section of your channel should be “Popular Uploads” so that the most viewed videos are

displayed first on the homepage

❏ Respond to questions in comments whenever possible to build relationships with audience


FaceBook Business Page:

❏ Use same bio line across all social media platforms for consistency

❏ Directly upload videos on “quick tips” on a consistent basis. Can be weekly or bi-monthly. This can be scheduled/automated directly on FaceBook scheduler

❏ Pre-schedule weekly or bi-monthly “non-video) posts, images, quotes, tips to vary content and engagement

❏ Join professionals FB groups in your industry to network, build credibility with other professionals in your industry

❏ Follow and comment on other business pages in your niche to build following

Instagram Business

❏ Use same bio line across all social media platforms for consistency

❏ Include tagline (if you have one) in bio

❏ Use the + sign to save space and break up the text

❏ Break up lengthy bio line for easier readability, consider bullet points

❏ Use hashtags between 500K-1 million range, intersperse with hashtags around 100K range

❏ For example: #technologies #technology #tech #innovation #technews #techworld #techno #engineering #instatech #science #technologynews #gadgets #technologie #techies #geek #newtech #techie #technoparty #technolovers #techy #stm #engineers #electrical #mechanicalengineering #technopark #smartphone #techwear #arduino #gadget #bhfyp

❏ Use less hashtag that are over 5+million as those posts tend to get buried in feeds

❏ For example: #instatechnology #selfpublished #selfpublishing #technogym #hightech

#electronics #authorsofinstagram #writerslife #newtechnology #techgeek #writercommunity #writers #informationtechnology #apple #technolife #engineer #design #futuretechnology #technologythesedays #worldofengineering #electricalengineering #authors #authorlife #futuretech #it #technomusic #mobile #softwaredeveloper

❏ 3 second videos tend to do better than 5+ more second videos

❏ Follow micro-influencers in your industry and niche. View their followers to engage + be featured/reposted

❏ For relevant hashtags like an industry specific topic in your niche to like and comment on target audience posts

❏ Share your behind the scene story in posts to build personal brand awareness and relate to



❏ Use same bio line across all social media platforms for consistency

❏ Bio: 1-2 lines only; include your website

❏ Add your specialty and ideal position under “skill sets” and pin to top

❏ Join professional groups/networks of your niche

❏ Request to connect with other members in your market using an brief personalized message

Profile + stock photos:

Update bio photos at least once every 2 years. The photos need to be consistent on every social media platform including your website bio profile.

If you do take professional photos, I recommend attire that speaks to your audience. For instance, casual attire may not be appropriate for real estate agent but better suited for a tech developer. 

For stock photos, you may want to take photos of your product on a coffee table or with other relevant backgrounds. This can be used on FB/IG in the future if you do giveaways and such.

If you are offering a service, collect photos of you in action. For instance, have photos of you speaking on stage at a conference.

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How to Optimize Your Content Across Multiple Social Media Platforms