How to Market to Men on Pinterest

How to Market to Men on Pinterest

Is Pinterest right for your business marketing strategy if your consumers are mainly men? Many people still think that Pinterest is for stay-at-home moms sharing recipes and DIY craft projects. Sure the platform may have started out that way... 

But that was 7 years ago. 

The question really shouldn't be whether or not Pinterest is right for your business that services men. It should be how to use Pinterest to reach your male audience.

97% of the 1,000 most popular searches are non-branded. Users generally start with basic searches for products like “fishing gear” versus "Bass Pro fishing gear".

Thus, Pinterest, is the great equalizer of big brands and small businesses, especially when leveraged as a visual search engine. The same goes for male and female target audiences.

Bottom line: Regardless of the gender, businesses of all sizes can reach users who are typically already in a shopping mindset.

It's time to get out from under the rock.

Notice how Pinterest pins are starting to show up in your Google search results? Just like how you see YouTube videos surface as #1 for certain searches.

The same is happening with Pinterest pins. And Google, as we all know, is not gender specific.

Times have changed a lot since the early days of Pinterest. If you are still thinking that Pinterest is for women only, you may be missing out on a boat load of website traffic and product sales.

Why men are on Pinterest:

1. Pinterest’s search engine features are effective. Equipment, car parts, music technology, electronics to handyman projects…they are all just a click away.

2. Men, like women, are visual beings. Thus, Pinterest is a great search engine tool for sporting goods, business ties, and so forth. When it comes to seeking specific products and services, it’s convenient to click “save” and be done. 

3. Pinterest conveniently acts as a placeholder for what men want to purchase, learn, and use. Who wants a countless bookmarks on their computer? 

How to market to men on Pinterest:

For any type of business, Pinterest for business marketing is best leveraged as a search engine tool. Regardless of whether your business is B2B, B2C, or the gender of your target audience.

Businesses selling products/services online to men or women use it to drive website traffic to their sites.  

How to Market to Men on Pinterest

Male users are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest.

If you are a brand that markets to men, it's important to develop a Pinterest yesterday.

Focus on the "know, like and trust factor."

As with all forms of marketing, provide value so people can find you and buy from you. Here are several examples of companies that are successfully marketing to men:

Why is Pinterest ideal to market to men?

Men make decisions. They do their research. When they decide to buy, they buy.Like female Pinterest users, men are searching to buy things, learn "how-to's", and get other information online. 

Generally, Pinterest users tend to have more money to spend and are already in the buying mindset. 

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Affiliate Links Best Practices:

If you are focused on selling products from another site via affiliate marketing, be aware of a few best practices.

At least 80% of pins link should directly to the claimed business website.

Although it is ok to link some pins to say an Amazon affiliate product, account stats tend to take a hit in terms of showing up less frequently in other pinners’ smart feed (research results).

Also, pins with affiliate links should include a disclaimer or at the very least include #affiliatelink in the pin description.

Otherwise, if your business products/services are sold directly from your website, start creating those pins today!

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