How to Make Your First $5000 on Pinterest

How to Make Your First $5000 on Pinterest

Interested in making money on Pinterest? Whether you're looking to make side income or turn a side hustle into a full-time job, there a many ways to earn money on Pinterest.

While it doesn't happen overnight, all it takes is consistency.

About 10 years ago, I started playing around on Pinterest after I purchased my first home. I found all sorts of home decor inspiration and also a ton of useful career tips too.

Then when I was in yoga teacher training and getting my Reiki masters certification, I started creatings pins for my health & wellness lifestyle blog.

From then on, startups and small businesses asked for help with marketing on Pinterest. So I followed the clues.

Eventually, that led me to start my own Pinterest marketing business. I created content for local businesses to international brands. And the rest is history...

Here are 5 different ways that I make at least $5000 a month on Pinterest...

5 Ways I Make at Least $5000 on Pinterest:

  1. Create content for Pinterest >>

  2. Market products & services >>

  3. Offer Pinterest marketing services >>

  4. Pinterest influencer marketing >>

  5. Manage Pinterest business accounts >>

To this day, I still enjoy creating content on Pinterest all day err day.

I share all my lessons learned from:

  • career changes (hello, corporate dropout!)

  • yoga teacher training

  • personal finance

  • business marketing

  • traveling the globe

  • spiritual journey and more

And yes, businesses pay me to do it!

That's right, I'm a corporate dropout turned self-employed.

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