How to Follow Signs From the Universe

Should you change careers? Is it better to stay put? Got questions about your love life too? The Universe communicates with us to provide guidance, validation, and support. We can receive messages throughout the day. Yet, we don’t always notice the different signs from coins, feathers, to numbers. So how does one follow signs from the Universe?

Allow the Universe to support you.

Trying to navigate life challenges can be like driving in the dark. We are only able to see a few yards in front of us. But that is all we need at the moment to get to where we are meant to go.

Seeing our destination at the end of the long winding road does not necessarily mean we’ll be able to get there quicker. In fact, it can take the fun out of the process of reaching the goal.

Dreams, synchronicities, and symbols can provide messages from the Universe to help us along our journey in life. And yes, we receive signs that can help further us along our financial journey too!

Release what you can’t control and focus on the signs.

When it comes to manifesting, your role is to give it all you got. Do your best to do everything you possibly can. This includes raising your vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to go in life.

Let go of what you can’t control to give the Universe space. By continuing to let the Universe to do its part in aligning things for your highest good, you are co-creating.

Behind the scenes.

We don’t always see what’s going on in the back end but trust that it’s usually better that what we can imagine. Once you release your need for control, the Universe can get to work.

Like a treasure hunt, follow the clues.

Clues include dreams, angel numbers, “random” songs that pop into mind, animal symbols and synchronicities. Believe it or not, the Universe is sending signs each and every day.

Frequently noticing coins along your path? Always looking up at the clock at a certain time in the day? Waking up at the same “odd” time in the middle of the night?

Here’s how to interpret those “coincidences.”

Remember, the path to overcoming tough challenges is more fulfilling than having achieved it. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination!

When we view life as an experiment, we are able to connect with our inner child. In turn, we are more open to receiving signs from the Universe.

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Enjoy activities that are in alignment with how you want to feel when you achieve your goal.

The key to manifest what you want is to be on the vibrational frequency of having already achieved it. Our emotions help to energetically speed up our manifestation. So ask yourself how you want to feel when you achieve your goal.

How to Follow Signs From the Universe

Trying to manifest a new career?

Ask yourself how you want to feel when you receive that new job offer. How do you want to feel on the first day of the new job?

If you want to feel powerful, then start dressing in power suits as if you already had that new career. If you want to feel free, then start taking on activities that create that sense of walking in nature or dancing.

Small and consistent baby steps.

Continue taking small and consistent steps to raise your vibrations to align your frequency with the Universal energy. When we raise our vibrational frequency closer in alignment with what we are trying to achieve, we are better able to notice signs from the Universe along the way.

It’s OK if you don’t notice signs all the time.

There’s a lot of noise on social media, at work, and so forth. It’s especially hard to notice signs in the midst of chaos.

If you’ve been feeling off, you’re not alone. We all fall in and out of alignment throughout life.

It doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and go on an “Eat, Pray, Love” journey. But you can incorporate more stillness in your day.

Get quiet and listen to your intuition.

When we get quiet, we are better able to recognize when we’ve taken a detour. Then, we are better able to tap into our intuition and determine the necessary steps to take towards alignment.

Dreams, prayer, and meditation...

Another way to receive messages from the Universe is through prayer or meditation. After you set the intention, you may receive messages and insights through your dreams.

They may also convey messages when you are doing mindless tasks like showering or gardening. Basically, most people receive intuitive hits when their mind is most still.

Overall, you are more receptive to signs while you’re sleeping. While asleep, you’re less likely to have mental blocks such as stress or negative self-doubt preventing you from tuning into what the Universe has to tell you.

Your subconscious mind is more receptive to messages than your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is open to all the information it receives. The conscious mind may discard information without truly considering it because it’s new and unfamiliar.

Such information include new insights about yourself and your life. Other types of information may be centered on healing, creative ideas, foreshadowing, validation, or encouragement.

Whenever you dream about something that seems to represent something else, consider where you’ve seen the symbol in your waking life. What role does it play in your life?

If you came across some numbers during your dream, it may be helpful to refer to “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue to understand what the numbers represent.

If you came across animals, it may be helpful to refer to “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews to understand what the animals symbolize.

Tarot cards

Another way I like to connect with the Universe is through angel cards. The three decks I like to use are by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine:

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Angel Answers Oracle Cards

Archangel Power Tarot Cards

Through each reading, I’ve been able to tap into my guardian angel’s guidance and receive messages at impeccable timing.