How to Determine the Best Hashtags for More Likes + Follows

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

How to Determine the Best Hashtags for More Likes + Follows

What are the best hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook or other social media platforms? What’s considered a good hashtag for your blog or business?

Top hashtags are the most popular hashtags other users are looking for.

Hashtags are extremely useful. They can help your posts reach a target audience, attract followers in your niche, increase engagement, and develop brand awareness.

Popular hashtags are those that are used the most as many people search for such hashtags. When used, your content or post would be displayed and found relatively quickly and often in other people’s feeds.

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However, it is not always a guarantee.

If too many users use a popular hashtag, it could mean your content or post could be quickly lost in the mix or less likely to be near the first position. Your content or post may also not be found at all.

Hashtag strategies aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Every business niche is so unique. Using the right hashtags can help extend your reach to your target audience

It can also boost your brand. What hashtag would you create for your brand? Can you guess mine? Yep! It’s #NotABondGirl

Below are 3 steps to help you master hashtags strategies in order to market your social media content more successfully.

3 Ways to Determine  the Best Hashtags for Your Business

1. Set up a system.

Create an efficient hashtag system on Word, Excel or a social media analytics tool. The purpose is to track which hashtags you use, how often, and which ones correlate to your most popular posts.

Having a system in place will help you determine which hashtags work best for your business in terms of generating likes, follows, and other metrics. You can also better track the relationships between certain hashtags and your most popular posts.

As you start seeing patterns, keep the hashtags that are working for you and chuck the ones that aren’t.

2. Test how many hashtags to use.

Using the max 30 hashtags on Instagram does not mean you are optimizing hashtags. The same goes for many other social media platforms too.

Most top brands use seven or fewer hashtags per post. However, that does not equate to the number of hashtags you should use for your business.

As mentioned, each business and niche is unique. So keep on testing to determine your magic number.

3. The riches are in the niches.

Specific, smaller-volume hashtags are typically better to gain visibility for your brand. Sounds counterintuitive?

When you use specific, smaller-volume hashtags, you can compete in a smaller pool. If a hashtag is too broad, you may not reach your target audience.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes. A user is more likely to find what he or she needs by searching for something specific.

Got a similar target audience?

If you are a digital marketing strategist, below are different hashtags to test out. I’ve found these helpful in gaining visibility for many of my Instagram and FaceBook posts.

#Smallbusiness #smallbiz #entrepreneur #girlboss #bosslady #ladyboss #hustle #dothework #mycreativelife #creativeentrepreneur #femtrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #mycreativebiz #savvybusinessowner #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #socialmediaexpert #socialmediaqueen #socialmediacoach #socialmediaguru #socialmediamanager #socialmediatools #digitalmedia #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketer #socialmediacoaching #choosewhereyourenergygoes #socialmediamanagement #freelancelife #startuplife

#networking #networker #coworking #freelancefriends #freelancingfemales #womeninbusiness #fempreneur #womenentrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #womanentrepreneur #ladypreneur #womeninbiz #womensupportingwomen #femalefounders #girlbosslife #goaldigger #fempowerment #businesswomen #businesswoman #digitalnomadspirit #selfemployed #workfromhome #womenempoweringwomen #womenwhohustle #laptoplifestyle #solopreneur #solopreneurlife #selfmade

Overwhelmed by how social media is so saturated?

I hear ya. Trust.

Not too long ago, I was struggling to find my voice in the saturated social media world. I hustled and slept VERY little. Then I burned out.

In a saturated market, how do you stand out even if you have a purple unicorn in your back pocket? Luck? Chance?

Start building a loyal following by building trust. Start building trust by establishing your credibility.

You don’t need a million followers to do so.

But believe it or not, you can build a sustainable business with only 100 loyal followers.

Yes, just 100...and maybe even less depending on your biz. That is, when you get your great content out to the world to the right people.

Ready to increase your ORGANIC likes + follows?

Then it's time to cut through all that noise online. When it comes to organic website traffic and building your community, it comes down to two things....Keep it simple. Keep it real.

Whether you are just starting out in business or an OG, let's make sure your digital marketing strategies are squared away.

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How to Determine the Best Hashtags for More Likes + Follows